Redeemed Vintage Winter Sale: A Success!

So Aunt Carole…well, I have adopted her as my aunt, even though she is my husband’s aunt, is the greatest. Not only is her personality the size of China, but she is so sweet, hospitable and talented. Joe and I just love to go out and hang with her and her family.

In addition, she is one of the best junkers in the country. I can literally go to a Salvation Army or Goodwill and find nothing and she will go 5 minutes later and find a piece of a lifetime. Then she redeems the piece and makes it beautiful. She has done something like 200 pieces now and had her first sale last weekend. There were tons of people who showed up and things flew out the door. Check out some of the stuff she has made,

These chairs were awful when she got them and look AMAZING now:

Here is the before picture from the chair on the front left:

This piece was gorgeous too!

I loved the display on top of the table that Joe and made out of reclaimed wood and gas pipes. We make them custom order too if anyone is interested 🙂

You can go to Redeemed Vintage to find more pictures from the sale!

Carol uses all Annie Sloan paint, which Joe and I have become obsessed with as well. We buy it at DiLucca Designs which is just north of Chicago. She ships it too. If you order it tell her we recommended it. I promise you won’t be let down! It is amazing because you don’t have to strip or sand, you can just paint over the current stuff which makes redoing furniture that much more appealing to me!

Anywho, super fun day of selling amazing stuff!

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