Showered with love

What a whirlwind weekend. The reason I have not blogged in a week is because Joe, Wells and I took a trip to KC where we were just loved on the entire weekend. The reason for the gathering was to celebrate the little guy, but it was so much more than that. My brother and sister-in-law came in from Pittsburgh and my sis, Jeremiah and parents live in KC, so we just had a great time Friday night at dinner where we laughed the whole time. It was like old times, so great. 

Then Saturday morning, my family and friends showered us with love at an awesome baby shower. My cousin, Maggie came in all the way from Texas to see us, what an awesome girl. She took the pix too, thanks Maggs! 

My wonderful family who threw the shower for us. Man I feel short, what happened, why I am the runt…and since when is 5’71/2 that short, geez! Next time I am wearing heels!

They know how to decorate, it looked so pretty!

Such a fun gift, a book called “The Tickle Monster” with these monster gloves. Wells is going to love these!

And then the group gift, oh the group gift. I am so excited to use the stroller! It is so AWESOME! 

My bro and nephew joined us at the end, guess which one is really pregnant. I know it will be tough. Johnny, is that what I really look like, I must be having triplets!

Our wonderful Saturday ended with us going to the KU vs. Texas Tech game. I had forgotten how much I LOVE KU basketball. I am so excited to say that Joe has admitted he had a blast and that Allen Field House lives up to its reputation. Oh and I just want to mention that behind us on the right is the NCAA National Championship trophy! Go Hawks! 

Thank you so much to everyone for blessing us this weekend. We are so thankful for each and every one of you!

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