Snow Day!

Since I was a child, I never believed meteorologists. So when they said it was going to snow yesterday I was like yea right. Well, they couldn’t have been more right! It snowed all day long. It was gorgeous! It was even more gorgeous because I worked from home so I didn’t have to leave the house.

Just before our evening started. I love the look of snow on the trees. Just gorgeous!

Jack liked it for about 30 seconds and then stated limping because his feet got cold. Poor guy!

Much better, give me a bone and a soft blanked and I am happy!

So after we got in and settled, I quickly got bored so I decided to finally take a crack at some of the recipes I have found on I have to say I was excited about this recipe, but I had NO idea it would be my new FAVORITE soup in the whole world. I got this recipe from A Farmgirl Dabbles. I have not made one bad thing from her blog. I didn’t have to change this recipe at all and it turned out delicious…and it was so easy! Because I am trying to not eat a lot of wheat, the one thing I did do was make it with rice noodles instead of mafalda pasta. Still tasted good 🙂

Here is the soup simmering, getting ready to get in my belly!

You must add the yum cheesy stuff. It is amazing!

I had one happy husband with this one!

Needless to say, we will make this again. So yummy 🙂

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