Spring…I mean January cleaning

Joe and I were wanting to buy a house/condo this year for several reasons. One being that we have a third entering our family in just a few months and one bathroom and two bedrooms will be a challenge with family in town. Two, we have become junkers and too much cool junk we have in our house. And three, I love change.

However, after looking around a lot and not finding a fixer upper that we loved, common sense kicked in. We live in a great place, in a fun neighborhood, inexpensive rent…and really, do we want to move our whole house and have a fixer upper on our hands when baby comes to town. So after the initial disappointment, I was content with our mature decision. 

In order to make me happy, I decided I just needed to change the whole place around. Sell some furniture, re-purpose other furniture and buy a couple of things. Then enter Carol DeGraeve, Joe’s aunt and our good friend. She is #1 a blast and #2 an incredible designer. She spent the whole day helping me and I couldn’t be happier with the result. 

Sadly, you will have to wait until tomorrow or the next day for pix as I need my wide angle lens! Stay tuned and thanks Carol once again! 🙂

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