Feb 06 2020


Y’all I’m a sucker for a good leather look. The softness and the natural feel that leather brings to the space are unmatched! Leather is just one of those materials that instantly can transform your room, and because of it’s heavier look, it’s the perfect material to offset lighter materials. Today, we’re going to show you some amazing ways to incorporate leather into your space so that it looks like the most perfect addition – and it’s not only in the living room!


One way to incorporate leather into your bedroom is by getting a leather headboard! Leather headboards are the perfect addition to a room that may be lacking in some accents. Leather is visually appealing and will look clean and neat in a bedroom. Plus, leather lasts for a very long time, so as it ages, it will only get better looking! Try pairing a leather headboard with some light material and light-colored textiles!


Leather in the dining room is a MUST! Not only is leather easy to clean, especially if you got the kiddos, but it’s durable and long-lasting. Plus, leather brings a new level of sophistication to the space, with a very luxurious tone. Plus, leather is super inviting, and will bring an instant warm vibe to the space, while looking visually pleasing!


Sometimes it’s hard to add leather into your kitchen, but leather-wrapped bar stools y’all are next level! If you have an island or some space counter space where you can add a stool – try going in with leather! The reason it works so well in a kitchen is that many kitchen materials seem lightweight and airy! Especially if you have a light and bright colored kitchen, going in with a darker colored leather will provide an amazing contrast and bring some dimension into the space!


Livings room are obviously the easiest way to add a large amount of leather material into your home without it looking too overwhelming. But leaning away from the expected leather couch, offsetting a polyester or lighter material couch with a leather ottoman – can be the perfect way to seamlessly incorporate it into the space!

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