Jun 11 2015

There’s No Place Like Home.

So my cousin got married. Maureen was in my wedding almost six years ago and I cannot even begin to explain how amazing it was to celebrate her as she married an incredible man, Phil. Here she is in our wedding! Man, do I look short! I need to pick some shorter friends!


OK, so I love weddings! The bride and groom always look so giddy with anticipation of what their future holds. They look all dolled up and the decor is always (or usually) so tasteful. This wedding was no exception and more. This wedding truly celebrated them, their love for each other and their love for God. The decor and everything was gorgeous, but what truly set this wedding as one of the top three I have ever attended was the people getting married. 

Maureen is a social worker, she gives and gives and gives. Her joy is contagious! Everyone knows her as the sweetest, most inviting and loving person they know and to see her up on a pedestal made my heart sing. That’s where she should always be and that is where Phil puts her! Here’s to you Sweet Moe and Phil and to a lifetime of love and joy! May God bless you as you do so many others!

Photo was taken by the talented Mel Watson on my aunt and uncles property. Couldn’t get a more beautiful backdrop for this gorgeous people! 2015-06-11_0002

We flew into Kansas City (Joe without fail falls asleep on the plane) to celebrate my parents 65th birthday and go to my cousin Moe’s wedding. 2015-06-11_0003 It The trip started with my parents place in KC where we celebrated their 65th birthday with all of their awesome friends. My parents have the best of friends and we so enjoyed our time with them. Sadly we didn’t get any photos that night 🙁

We took family photos the next morning with one of my good friends and someone I admire. Mike Varel did us a favor and photographed our family, but he is known for video! I can’t brag enough about him. He is such an amazing dude and so talented. He did the video for our wedding and does a lot of videography work for Compassion International. He is an amazing storyteller! He travels, so hire him! I don’t have the photos yet, but here is a fun one from the shoot. More to come later! 

2015-06-11_0009  And if you know Wells, you know that he quickly found the construction site next door! 2015-06-11_0007 Then we drove three hours to Salina, KS for the wedding. The day before the wedding, we took our kids to their house where they got to ride tractors and terrorize chickens. Sorry Jeanette and Mark if they don’t lay eggs for a few days because they are still having nightmares. 2015-06-11_0008 The morning of the wedding, we went to one of my favorite zoos, Rolling Hills Zoo. It is strange that it is in the center of Kansas. You literally take a farm road to it! It is owned by a family who has done very well in the truck stop business. He started by helping exotic animals and now has an animal sanctuary. They have rhinos, white tigers, giraffes, huge tortoises, kangaroos, leopards, lions, ostriches (may have a baby ostrich coming after what I witnessed) and so much more! So if you are ever driving through Kansas, stop, totally worth it! Here is Wells feeding the goats at their petting zoo! 2015-06-11_0005 2015-06-11_0004 The wedding reception was in Swedish town of Linsborg. I had never heard of it, but it is so quaint and awesome! It also houses a fabulous photographer, Jim Richardson, who used to work for National Geographic. I love his photo of a farmer in Cuba, Kansas here. I love the way he displays his prints too! (above right).

Oh, what a whirlwind trip, but oh so fun! I love my family!



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  • Kyle Robinson

    Well said. We created family memories that all of us will treasure. “There’s no place like home!’

    June 13, 2015 at 7:53 pm

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