Time flies…Wells is a month old!

Someone told me that time flies when you get out of college and then it goes faster when you get married and then it just disappears when you have children. You can look back and literally not know where time went. It is oh so true! I love watching my little precious Wells grow and get bigger and stronger, but it goes so fast! Just a month ago, he came into this world screaming and crying, with everything being new to him. Now, he is getting so big and changing everyday.

A few milestones from the last month:

April 23rd – birth (7 lbs, 4 oz. – 21 inches long – 7:48pm)
April 25th – came home and met his furry brother Jack
April 26th – first doctors apt. and first lunch out (CPK of course!)
April 29th – first church service
May 2nd – his first long walk to Southport for coffee
May 5th – met his Pa (my dad) 
May 10th – rolled over for the first time (my little overachiever!)
May 17th – sleeping in the crib
May 24th – 1 month check up (8 lbs. 15 oz. – 22.5 inches long)

Here are a few pictures from the last month. Got to document them, they grow so fast.

His 1 month old picture:

My little cross eyed cutie! Don’t worry, all babies go cross-eyed for the first few months 🙂

My dad had major surgery and wasn’t able to get to Chicago when he was first born, so we met up with him while he was at the airport during a layover 2 weeks after he was born. Here he is with my parents.

With his Nana whom he adores spending Thursdays with and is such a God-send to me to have her! Thanks Nana!

Watching TV with Jack and daddy!

Our first walk as a family to Starbucks, CAFFEINE!!!

My little angel sleeping in his normal position.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed! Let’s play mom 🙂

Wells first BSF class night. So great being back!

Go Cubs! Thanks Andy and Brenda for the cute outfit!

Sleeping on mommy. Can you see Jack in the background. The poor dog is exhausted having a little brother!

Back to how it all started, as a little 7 lb, 4 oz. miracle!

Thank you Jesus for blessing us with such a beautiful little boy. We adore him!
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