Trucks, Thomas the Tank Engine and Baseball here we come!

Gonna be honest, when we had our 20 week ultrasound, I had NO idea what little Piercy was going to be. I was just hoping for a boy or a girl! Joe and I did something kinda fun, we decided to not find out at dinner and instead have two of my friends (thank you Erin and Brooke), take the envelope with what is was and buy an outfit at GAP accordingly. Then, Joe and I waited all day, very impatiently, and went to dinner where we opened the box to find a little blue boy outfit. It was so worth the wait, we had a blast at dinner!

Here is a picture of our 20 week ultrasound. He sucking his little thumb, so sweet! Praise God, he is a very healthy, very strong little boy and so far he is the picture of health! What a blessing and what a relief. We do not take that for granted.

Here is a pic of what we found in our little box!

And…stupidly we didn’t get a picture of us at the restaurant. Ooops!
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