Jan 30 2017

Unique Dresser Designs

Pinterest is a wonderful thing. (Do you follow MegMade on Pinterest? You should. Really.) We often get customers coming in, bringing inspiration photos of designs they’ve seen on Pinterest and asking if we can make something like it. While we do have limitations, we love to push ourselves and are happy to consider taking on unique projects! Recently, we had a customer bring in this picture.

Dresser from Poppyseedliving

She had seen a dresser of ours she liked and was hoping we could make something like this for her son’s room. We were able to do some rough mockups to show her a few different color placement options.

The customer had sent us a color palette she liked. We went back and forth on placement a few times until we landed on something she loved.

It turned out so fun and wasn’t too tricky for us to do. If you have a creative idea like this, feel free to send it along and we can give you a quote! We just mocked up another piece with a white diamond design on it. So fun!



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