May 15 2015

Update: A month into our new location

When we began MegMade, we had 800 square feet of space where the front of the store was a solid 2 inches higher than the back of the store and our hardwood floors were laid on top of carpet so they were wavy. We had pieces stacked sometimes three high. We just needed a space to call home and it served its purpose and we have a love for that first place MegMade called home.

However, two warehouses and a store wasn’t cutting it. Too hard to cart stuff back and forth and oh geez, don’t even get me started on the freight elevators and how unreliable they were.

Anywho, we are thankful, because it landed us in our new location, which we love. Let me repeat myself, LOVE! It has everything we wanted. A great location, all first floor, 7800 square feet, a garage door and free parking! God is good, He gave me everything I asked for! and MORE!

Here is a sneak peek of what it looks like now. We have many plans for the future, but we are already loving it!

Come by 2415 W Barry and see it for yourself. You may even find something you want to take home with you!

When you turn the corner into our parking lot, you will see this entrance in our parking lot! Park either in the designated spots or anywhere else in the lot that is open!

2015-05-15_0001 As you walk through the front door you will see our beautiful mirror wall and be greeted by one of our pretty faces! There are drinks and snacks for you to enjoy in the entryway as well as things for kids to play with.

2015-05-15_0007 2015-05-15_0002


Through the corridor you enter showroom A, where all of our finished pieces that are ready to go into your home are displayed! It is even more amazing in person, but this gives you a good idea!

2015-05-15_0006 2015-05-15_0008 In addition, we have another showroom and 2,000 square feet of unfinished pieces! Here is a picture from today where they are putting up shelving to house our over 300 pieces of inventory!

2015-05-15_0009 Come on by and be the first to see all of our pieces all nicely stacked on our new racks! Hooray!

It is amazing what excites me these days, racks definitely makes the top of the list today!





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  • Nancy LEAHY

    You have a small white end table or night stand in your picture. How much is it?

    May 16, 2015 at 1:38 am

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