Jun 26 2017

Vanity Vamp-Up

I always love being able to customize different MegMade pieces for our clients. It truly brings me so much joy when a customer walks out of our shop with a one of a kind piece! Usually, when people come into our showroom they are looking to customize one of our vintage dressers, tables, or buffets. Don’t get me wrong that’s always fun, but what I’m excited about this week are custom vanities! Taking a dresser and turning it into a bathroom vanity is another creative way to use one of our vintage pieces.
Instead of having custom built cabinets in your home, you can just as easily take a finished dresser and turn it into a vanity! As far as the specifics go, I recommend having your contractor cut the hole for your sink on the site of the project. This way, all of the measurements are exact based on your sink choice. That being said, our team is very capable of doing it here at MegMade before it leaves the shop so that is always an option!
Below are a few different examples of vintage pieces being used for a vanity. What I love about all of these looks is how different they are. There is a vanity below for whatever style you’re into- just proving how versatile vintage can be!


I’m obsessed with the marble countertop on this mid century dresser. This image from Simply Grove shows how you can take a vintage piece and turn it into a sleek and modern vanity.

I’m pretty sure this vanity from Whit And Delight is the vanity of my childhood dreams! How perfect would this dresser-turned-vanity be in a girls bathroom?

This post from Brepurposed is another example of how taking an antique vanity can add so much to your bathroom. I love how this sink sits atop the vanity, as opposed to being set into the counter. It really adds dimension and becomes the focal point of the room.

This bathroom posted by Hammer & Hand, designed by Casey Keasler is absolutely stunning. I love the pop of color on the vanity, accented perfectly by the gold hardware.

All of these pictures use transitional dressers as vanities, but each space has a completely different style. At MegMade, we can make your space unique with a wide variety of customizations that are unique to your personal style!

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  • Mary

    I love this idea! I turned an antique table into a vanity. So much cheaper than buying a vanity at a big box store.

    June 26, 2017 at 12:08 pm

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