Jul 17 2017

Vintage Desks

Vintage desks have so much character. Whether you have room in your house for an entire office, or simply need a space to get a few things done after work, it’s always nice to have a productive place to get a few things accomplished. Recently a lot of people have come into the showroom that are looking to update their desks. So that inspired me to write a round- up of my current favorite desks!

Getting some serious inspiration from this two-toned piece by Saw, Nail, & Paint. I’m always a fan of natural wood, and the navy color really makes the drawers pop!

We currently have a lot of different styles in stock. Here are some desks we have in store that are begging to be customized into something new for your workspace!

If you follow our Instagram, it’s no secret that lately that I am loving the look of bamboo. Maybe because it reminds me of summer and warm weather? Anyway, I think it would look amazing painted in our “Polo Blue.” We even have a matching bamboo chair to accompany this desk that would be so fun to re-upholster.


You can never go wrong with a classic secretary. This is a great idea for small spaces because you can just flip the desk up. Added bonus is the extra storage in the cabinet above! This piece would even be an awesome makeup vanity. Hide all your lipsticks and brushes and be on your way!

The simplicity of this desk is great. I would love to keep the drawers their original wood and paint the rest of the piece in a light gray. The gold detail on the bottom of the desk would really pop against our “Lamp Room Gray” color.

Who says a desk can’t also be a spot to do your makeup? I love this repainted desk posted by 12th + White. You can find something similar in our shop!

Whether you need a place to put on makeup, do some work, or just have a designated place to scroll through Facebook, we have a desk to match your needs!


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