Jun 29 2017

Wallpaper We Love

The MegMade team has been talking about Wallpaper a lot lately (we may have an obsession). Wallpaper is a great way to add interest into your space. Gone are the days when the whisper of wallpaper made you think of the faded floral print that’s peeling off your grandmother’s wall. Today when I hear the word wallpaper, I immediately want to see a photo!

The digital age has had a major affect on the quality of wallpaper prints. Thanks to digital printing, wallpaper images are shaper than ever, making each print pop. Selfishly, I also love the way it makes our MegMade furniture look in a room. Seeing a freshly restored vintage buffet in a dining room with wallpaper, is like music to my ears!

The photo is from our master bedroom. Our wallpaper is white, silver, and gold and it’s amazing. We wallpapered the wall behind our bed, along with the wall that leads to our bathroom. This neutral color print has allowed us to play with different colors and styles in the room.

Whenever I am designing a house for a client , I love discussing wallpaper. Choosing a paper with a rich color or an oversized print can make such a difference in a room. Yes, sometimes it can be risk to use a bold print, but when done correctly it adds so much style to your home.

This photo is from Black Edition features the Ruva Wallcoverings in Canton. All of the new wallpaper from Black Edition is a favorite of mine. The way they mix texture with print is truly amazing- I highly recommend their line of prints.

Fun Fact: this wall paper, shown above, is actually about to be installed in one of my clients homes! So naturally, I was thrilled to find this photo from Architectural Digest. This bird and sky print is so fun for a little boys room.

Wallpaper prints can be a little intimidating if your style leans more towards solids. If you want something that is less of a commitment, than you can always use wallpaper to simply add dimension to your room. I have decided that in our new house I am going to be using texture to add interest into our space. This achieves the same style element, just in a more subtle way. Using textured wallpaper, like a grasscloth, allows you to dip your toe in the wallpaper pool without being pigeon holed. So don’t be afraid of Wallpaper, I promise it’s worth the risk!



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