Oct 08 2014

We have a new website!!!!

The day I had my son, I feel like I debuted it to the world. We were such proud new parents with no idea of what joys and hard times we had ahead. All we knew was that this little baby boy was now ours and we were in charge of loving him, protecting him,  raising him and doing our best to set a straight path for him.

Although having a child is hardly comparable to our business, it feels, in some sense, the same way. We have birthed MegMade and it is now a year old and we are in charge of loving it, protecting it, raising it and doing our best to set straight path for it. Just like an infant, the first year is a learning curve and has high highs and low lows, but at about a year it learns to walk.

This next step in MegMade is being announced with such great joy and pride that only parents (owners) can have. I feel like MegMade has just gone to a new level now! It has taken a lot of planning and work, but we are thrilled with not only the look of our new site, but also the functionality of it! You can browse our blog, find out about us and the coolest part, you can now see our inventory and shop directly through our site! 2014-10-07_0003

We could not have done it without the very talented and beautiful Britt of Britt Leigh Design. She is genius and we love having her not only as a best friend, but also our web designer.

Thank you for your support of our growing company! We are excited to have you as part of our family!

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