Jul 01 2015

Welcome Crystal to the MegMade team!

We are surrounding ourselves with the best and brightest here at MegMade and we are beyond excited that Crystal, a color and interior design genius, is joining our team as of TODAY! Crystal comes to us from Chic Antique, a furniture and decor store that she established in 2010 in East Lakeview. She has been extremely successful in establishing herself as a furniture and interior design guru here in Chicago. She has decided to close her business and join the MegMade team to help us take it up one more notch and we couldn’t be more excited!

Along with adding another fabulous person to our team, we are now offering more services. In addition to painting furniture, we now offer upholstery, interior design consultations and very high end custom finishes. A complete list of our offerings can be found on our services page.

2015-07-01_0001 So let’s not waste time, let’s get to know a little about Crystal:

1. Where are you from?

Portland, Oregon and have been in Chicago since 2006.

2. Tell us about your family.

My family includes my husband Leon of 16 years and our 2 girls – Brianna, a sweet, caring, smarty-paints and the newbie Alina, a spunky, adventurous, spitfire who is 17 months old. Not to forget our two cats Jazz and Lilly, our unusually quiet and lazy Chihuahua Pedro and Freddy the fish.  2015-07-01_0002 3. What is your favorite color and why?

My favorite color(s) change with the seasons, but right now I’m loving neon colors mixed with black and white…could be green tomorrow though.

4. What excited you most about joining the MedMade team?

Most exciting aspect about joining the MegMade team is just that – the team. I think each member of the MegMade family has something very special and unique to offer the success of the business and I can’t wait to explore and get to know all of them. I also am super excited to see just how far our partnering can take MegMade and make them a major provider of furniture and services for not just Chicago, but America and perhaps beyond.

5. What is a piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to decorate their home?

It’s all about context. If there is a piece of furniture, art or even color that you absolutely love…go for it! You can make it work in a space by layering items to connect thing to thing. Or you can call it eclectic, lol.

6. Perfect way to spend a day off?

There’s nothing better than taking an adventure with the family. Whether it’s to the Botanical Gardens or a good ole’ Chicago flea market we always have a really good time together and typically end of day cooking a fabulous feast and playing board games.

7. Favorite designer and why?

Kelly Wearstler has made an awesome brand for herself. She is my hero as far as imagination in interior design, pattern play, color coordinating, use of materials, creativity and business acumen.

8. Favorite Chicago spot?

Chicago has the most amazing lakefront and I have moved three times always closer and closer to the lake. So many people come together to relax, exercise and just be together or just be by themselves. All I need now is a sailboat, maybe in neon pink with black, white and brass accents. Yes!!!

9. Ice cream flavor of choice?

Mmmmmmm. Pistachoio Gelato. 2015-07-01_0002

We are so excited for you to meet her, so come by today!


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