Wells is 5 months…well he is in 3.5 days!!!

So, I know that most of my followers now are not people who know me, which by the way, makes me soooo happy. I feel so blessed to now have 31 followers. I know that is a small number still, but it makes me so happy when I see that number go up, so thanks for following.

I also write this blog though to keep track of our lives, so although my Wells Photo Wednesdays may not be your #1 fave, I love them and it will help me keep track of my little man who is growing so fast. So bear with me, it’s only 1 day a week 🙂 And…I have a fabulous new dining set to show you tomorrow, so stay tuned!

So back to Wells. He is not actually 5 months until the 23rd, but I thought I would go early instead of late this time. Woot Woot! Plus…what the heck, he laughs and laughs and laughs and giggles and talks all the time, but EVERY TIME I pull out the camera it is a serious look or the tongue out. I promise, he’s a happy baby 🙂

Weight: 17 lbs.
Height: 26 in.

Milestone:  He just continue to amaze me with how much he learns everyday. This month he is about to cut his first tooth, He sit up unassisted (sometimes crashes into his face though), belly laughs, grabs everything in sight, torments the dog, and can follow sounds and people moving. 


Favorite things: He loves mirrors, his rainforest exersaucer, the front pack, blankets, his toys, the boppy, Sesame Street, and his daddy (especially his elephant noises!)

My thoughts: Wells has made my life fuller. I had a great life growing up, on my own, married and now with little guy my life is just fuller. Watching him learn about the world and having a part in shaping it is the most amazing gift I have ever been given. Joe and I marvel at the God who creates life, He is worthy to be praised. Mr. Wells, thank you for being so joyful, fun and loving us so much. Your joy and laughter are contagious (as we found out at Walgreens the other day when you had the whole store cracking up). I can’t wait to watch you learn more next month.

P.S. My getting 350 items out by tomorrow is going fabulous. I am at 300 now! Look at my drawer. The one the left doesn’t even have anything in it! Yea 🙂



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