Feb 17 2017

Before and After: White Frenchy Dresser Dipped in Gold

Here at MegMade, we love to try new finishes and add to our repertoire and your options 🙂 One way we do that, is we take to Pinterest! We love looking at finishes other people are trying. When we find something we love, we wait until we get the perfect piece in to try it out on!

As seen here and all over Pinterest 🙂

This was our inspiration image. We found this on Pinterest- maybe you’ve seen it. It’s a very popular pin! And rightfully so. It’s so cool, no?! (I also love that this “dresser” is being used as a tv stand! See people, these pieces can work wherever!) 
So this is the piece we chose to refinish like this. Some of the “dipped” inspiration images on Pinterest show the gold coming up past the bottom drawer. We didn’t like that. The image above just has the gold come up to right under the bottom drawer and we thought that was best.

Ta da!! I’m so excited about this piece! I’m always excited when we try something new and it works. I hope our customers like this piece as much as I do 🙂 Something I want to start doing more of is spraying the hardware to match the color of the piece. For the Frenchy hardware that is more ornate than, say, mid century hardware, painting it the same color helps to give it a sleeker look. For the next Frenchy dresser we refinish for the floor, I want to do black matte with black handles 😉



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1 Comment
  • Linda zey

    Absolutely beautiful, Meg!!!!

    February 19, 2017 at 8:11 pm

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