Why it is great to have kids last in the family!

So as many of you know Joe and I are the youngest on both sides. Yes, many stereotypes of the youngest child are very true, which is why it is great we are both youngest, we can see right through each other!

So, back to why it is great to be youngest. Besides being our parents favorites, we are also the ones who get all of the baby stuff from our older sibs who altogether have 7 kids (6 being boys)! So…rewind one week when Joe’s middle brother John and his family came over for dinner. They not only treated us to a yummy dinner from Boca Di Beppo (sp?), but they also brought over like 10 bags of baby boys clothes and maternity clothes! Hip hip hooray for that! So, here is a preview of some of the stuff that they brought over. Keep in mind, this is just for 0-3 months, we have the rest in storage! Thank you John and Priya for blessing us. We appreciate it more than you know considering we had nothing to dress this little guy in!

Probably won’t stay that organized for long…only downfall to the conversion to nursery from dining room is no closet, this will have to suffice.

Hard to believe this little thing will fit him! It is sooooo tiny 🙂 Can’t wait to meet him!

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