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  • Feb172017

    Before and After: White Frenchy Dresser Dipped in Gold

    Here at MegMade, we love to try new finishes and add to our repertoire and your options 🙂 One way we do that, is we take to Pinterest! We love looking at finishes other people are trying. When we ...

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  • Feb132017

    3 Ways to Mix Styles in the Bedroom

    In the house you grew up in, you might have had an entire bedroom set. Matching side tables to match the headboard to match the dresser….no thanks! I’m always a proponent of mix and matchi...

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  • Feb102017

    Our Dining Room Transformation(s)

    We moved into our current home in spring of 2012 and this is what the dining room looked like. The space already had some great things going for it. Even though there is only one window in the room, ...

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  • Feb072017

    Cerusing: Before and After

    This piece has a great structure, but seriously needed a new finish and some new hardware. I decided it would be really cool to ceruse this piece, since we haven’t done that finish for a floor p...

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