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DECOR! Decor is the finishing touch to give a room that overall finish. It makes the entire room look intentional and can be another great place to showcase your style! That goes for bar carts, dressers, tallboys ... you name it! There are so many different ways to decorate that fits your style, and changing out your decor can be a super easy way to give your room a fresh, new look! 

One thing to note when working with home decor is that it's great to add some different heights and textures together to create an even look. I love reworking my decor every so often, but that's just my thing! If it's not necessarily your thing, here are some decor styles I put together for the bar cart/tallboy in our front room to give you some inspiration:

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Look #1

I love adding height to a piece by adding something like a mirror on top! Mirrors are fun too because there are so many to choose from. I usually base some of my decor off of what will pair well with the colors and textures of the mirror. I went for a black and gold mirror to tie the lamp and Eloise Brass Fox Dishstand together. A plant with a textured vase like the Cacti Ceramic Spiked Pot can add some life and color to your space! Decorative books give a sophisticated feel and are a great way to add some extra height if the rest of your decor is feeling a little short compared to some of your taller pieces. 

 Look #2 

I love incorporating fresh flowers anywhere I can into a room. Having fresh flowers around the house just makes you feel so put together, right?! A painting or print is another great way to add height. It gives some contrast to the rest of your pieces, and you can go as bold or neutral as you want with the frame and print! I decided to go with a more neutral look with the print, and play up the gold in the frame by adding the Antler Metal Accessory. I went with another vase, the Ginny Bubble Textured Ceramic Pot, to incorporate some greenery and texture to the decor. Of course, I had to use my MegMade book in at least one of the looks. Isn't it so cute?! Our MegMade Candle is also a great addition to add in for another small item that will make the top of your furniture look more full. 

Look #3

This style is the one I ended up sticking with! I added the mirror again but used the taller plant to give some length to the decor as well. Our Rohini Modern Black Terracotta Pot is another great way to add height and texture at the same time! I always love to personalize a space by adding touches like pictures or prints that mean a lot to me! As much as you want to make your home look like the cover of a magazine, it's important to make it your own. The little guy in the middle is my favorite, and we just got him in stock! He's part of the Irao Couple Brass Statue collection, and he's the perfect touch to add on top of your decorative books. I can't quite tell what he's doing, but he's here to stay! 

Now that we've given you some inspiration and tips, we'd love to see what you did with your decor. Tag us @MegMade on Instagram and/or Facebook so we can feature your work on our page!

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