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I always say that your bedroom should be the first spot you put your time and effort into designing. It's so important to create a sanctuary that sets the tone for your day and allows you to escape from reality. I get questions all the time asking when it's worth it to spend the extra money. To be honest - it's different for everyone depending on how you use your space! Creating the perfect space to take some time for yourself can be worth the extra money, but here at MegMade, we love getting crafty when it comes to sticking to a smaller budget too.

I think the best way to go when tackling a space is to know what's worth spending money on and where quality won't make a difference, which may be different for each design. We thought it would be super fun to show you how we might design the same bedroom at two different price points. Check it out with all of our ideas and links below:



Dresser: Hepplewhite dressers are one of my favorites. They look amazing redone, but keep the Megmade vintage feel that we love so much! I think this dresser would look amazing in our Hamilton blue. Shop our dresser HERE

Bed Frame: This is my favorite bed frame of all time. It's the one I have in my bedroom! I love that it adds such effortless texture to your space, and creates such an instant curated look. Honestly, comparatively it's not expensive either! Shop the Avery bed frame HERE.

Rug: I LOVE this rug. I can't recommend it enough. The quality is amazing, and it complements so many colors in a room. It's hand-spun which means the time and effort it took to make the rug in your home is one-of-a-kind. Shop the Rein HERE

Candelier: I have this chandelier in my bedroom - it's the absolute best! This chandelier gives such an elevated, sophisticated look to a room - it's worth every penny! Shop the Tilda chandelier HERE

Sconce: These sconces work with almost any room. They're so versatile because they're timeless and sleek. I love pair sconces above nightstands in a bedroom. It gives you some extra light while creating a symmetrical look that balances out your space. Shop our Willa sconces HERE

Nightstands: I think these nightstand would pair so nicely in our in-house color Dover. Shop these nightstands HERE

Chair: The Keller chair is amazing for a bedroom because it's petite and so cozy. With a chair like this, you have hundreds of fabrics you can choose from to really make it yours. I think the simple white would work perfectly in this room to ground the space. Learn more information about the Keller chair HERE.

Art: This is one of my favorite pieces of art. It's such a beautiful and positive reminder. I can't recommend it enough. Shop the You Are My Sunshine HERE

Duvet: It's so important to buy quality bedding! It's the worst feeling when you buy bedding that pills or unravels. This is a duvet that I can truly speak to the quality of. Shop the bedding HERE

Custom Pillows: I LOVE going with custom pillows. They completely elevate a room, especially because you're able to perfectly curate them to complement the rest of your design. If you're interested in custom pillow, contact us! 

Throw Blanket: I have this throw blanket at home - it's the best. It's such a cozy blanket that also elevates the look of your bedding and space. Get our throw blanket HERE

Dresser: When you're sticking to a lower budget, it might make sense to do some DIY! Painting your own dresser with our MegMade paint could save you a ton. We think the dresser seen above would look amazing in our High Tide paint. Click HERE to shop our DIY paint line!

Rug: This rug is one of our go-tos because it looks amazing and doesn't break the bank. It complements so many colors, you really can't go wrong with this one! Click HERE to shop.

Head Board: If you're looking for a cheaper bed frame, I think this one is a great option. the Junia bed frame slides right behind your bed frame to create a more put together look. Shop the headboard HERE

Light Fixture: This is one of our favorite light fixtures for a room looking to save some money. It still has that elevated look for less! Another great thing is that it provides a lot of light to your space, so having a ton of other lighting isn't necessary. This can be used as an overheard light fixture or as a sconce! Click HERE to shop.  
Nightstands: Nightstands are another thing that will be super easy to DIY if you're looking to save some money. You can create a whole new look with just a can of paint. For this board, we went with our Weldon White. Shop our MegMade paint line HERE

Chair: This chair is a petite chair perfect for creating a reading nook! The amazing thing about it is that it comes in multiple different fabrics for you to match it to any design you're going for. Contact us if you're interested in more information! 

Art: This art is so close to my heart. It was created by my Au Pair from Colombia, who has such a talent for all things creative. Covid has hit everyone hard, but countries like Colombia are struggling especially. We now sell some of our Au Pair's artwork to raise money to give back to her family and community back in Colombia. This art work is one of many. We will have all of her pieces up soon, but click HERE to shop this specific one on our board.  

Throw Blanket: This throw blanket is one of my favorites! It's so cozy. Shop the throw HERE. 

Duvet: I love duvets over comforters for my bed. They're so easy to wash and still give the same look as a regular comforter. Shop the duvet in our design board HERE. 

Lumbar Pillow: Lumbar pillows make the rest of the bed look so much more put together. Shop the lumbar pillow on the board HERE. 


We hope this gave you some bedroom inspo! The amazing thing about design is that you can mix and match between the two price points to give yourself an elevated look for less! Let us know if you any questions about any individual pieces featured by emailing us at hello@megmade.com or DMing us on Instagram or Facebook @MegMade. 

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