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Whether you're completely building your home from the ground up, remodeling or just finding a few pieces to make your space feel brand new, Joe and I are all about mixing investment pieces with affordable additions. Knowing what items to invest more money into is important, no matter what your budget is! 

Here are ten places I recommend investing in to completely transform your space: 


Your sofa is typically the most-used piece of furniture in your home, which means it's definitely worth investing in! When it comes to couches, it makes sense to just do it right. Here at MegMade, we love going as custom as possible to create a piece as unique as the family who lives there! We offer a wide range of structures to choose from where you can then choose from a wide range of fabrics. This allows you to create a look perfect for your personality and style. 

Here are a few of my favorite sofas:

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Dining Tables  

A dining table and chairs are one of those things where, if chosen intentionally, can be a timeless piece from home to home. I love the idea of taking it from house to house and creating memories that will last a lifetime around it. 

Counter Stools 

Counter stools are one of those things that you use all the time -- so it makes sense to put a little bit more money into making sure they're the style you love and super comfortable. Just like dining tables, so many memories are made at the kitchen island. Those are the spots that are worth it to invest in!  

Statement Lighting 

Statement lighting is a game changer, and it affects the resale value of your house. Not only will investing in statement lighting make you happier while you're living there, it will also dramatically help when you're looking to sell. 


You know I'm biased, but wallpaper can completely make a space. It's TOTALLY worth the investment. It's worth it in both the sense of buying wallpaper to complete a space but also buying a nicer paper compared to some of the other less quality but cheaper options. Here at MegMade, we have our own line of wallpaper with a maker that we love and trust, but we also sell incredible, quality wallpapers from other vendors. 

Here are a few of my favorite wallpapers from our MegMade line: 

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Some people may think investing in rugs (especially in high foot traffic areas) seems silly, but I'm here to tell you the opposite! Investing in rugs that were made top quality are the ones that last years and years no matter what type of foot traffic they get. The biggest thing to check is how the rug was created. Words like "hand knotted" are what you should be looking for in a rug that will last forever.       

Vintage Pieces 

Wood furniture just isn't made how it used to be. We're DEFINITELY biased, but vintage pieces are so worth the investment. They add so much character and have so much history behind them. With our services, you can create them to fit into any style or space!

Here are some of my favorite pieces we have in our inventory right now: 

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Beds And/Or Headboards 

Your bed is another place that you spend a ton of time in, so it's definitely worth it to invest. The amazing thing about choosing a bed is that you can really choose something simple and timeless that will go with anything as your personal style evolves.            


Because you spend so much time sleeping (if you have kids ... maybe a little less time!), spending a little more on bedding is totally worth it! Yes, it may be a little pricey at first, but it lasts so much longer and you'll get a much better sleep. 

Below is my favorite duvet in the world!:

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Statement Decor

Decor may seem like a small thing to invest in, but having a few statement pieces that round out your room is so important! The nice thing about decor is that good decor can translate from room to room. 

Here are a few of my favorite statement decor pieces: 

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I hope this helps as you're planning out your budget and choosing pieces to invest in! Need help putting together your rooms? Here at MegMade, we offer design services to help you make those decisions. Click HERE for more info!   

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