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Adding Black Into Your Home + Black Sheep

With all the spookyness that is now in the air, and Halloween around the corner, it's only fitting that we talk about one of the two halloween-essential colors, and how to add it into our homes! We're talking black today - how to incorporate the color into your home and where to use our Black Sheep MegMade paint color! 

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Black Sheep is one of our favorite colors from our line - because it's not just any black, but can be described as a dusty, layered color, that can change depending on what you add in the mix! Whether you add an antique wax, or do a high gloss finish, or a matte finish, or go thinner with water or thicker - this black color will change to perfectly match your desired tone! 

Besides black paint, black decor is really just amazing if you ask me. Black is an amazing way to add some boldness and some contrast in a room that has a lot of neutrals, or actually needs a pop of color or lack of color in this case. When you add black to a room, one amazing way to integrate it is by integrating it with texture and material! Starting with some black metals, to black leathers, or even wood (especially with furniture). Without a texture, black can actually go unnoticed, because the color itself doesn’t reflect light, so with some added texture to it, it will attract some light and become an amazing accent in your home! But that being said, black needs to be used purposefully and carefully, because it can completely take over the space if not done correctly.


Black furniture is one of my favorite ways to use the color. There’s something so beautiful about a buttery black accent piece, or something high gloss like a piano, that just brings the room to completeness. The way it's finished, ultimately is what helps with the aesthetic you are going for! Black is the perfect color to offset a neutral color to provide some contrast in the space as well, so if you want to go bold, but are afraid to use a bright color, try black to bring both a toned-down color but a pop as well!

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Going in with a black leather or dark charcoal leather whether in an ottoman or on some dining room chairs, would be a great way to incorporate it without it completely taking over the space. When choosing some textiles, make sure to go in with things that have pattens with black included, like with pillows, or sheer if going with curtains. Sometimes throwing a bunch of black pillows on a couch, won’t do it justice – and may actually make it look cluttered and messy. Use black sparingly in textiles, and in ways, that’s only going to enhance the other colors around it.



Adding black can be fun and easy, like adding a predominantly black painting to the wall! Or, to be extra bold, go on in and paint an accent wall black! I know, it sounds a bit scary and daring, but I’m telling you, it could be just the thing you need! A black wall kind of draws the room inward, making it seem very complete and satisfying! Wall art is also another way to add some black into the room, without overdoing it. If you want to go extra daring, try adding black tiles to your mantle or backsplash, to really bring out the color. Click on the photos to shop! 

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Metal, wood, ceramic - whatever it is - black is the way to go with some decorative elements. Things like sculptures, lanterns, frames, candle holders, flower pots, and all those fun things would be perfect to incorporate the color! Besides metal, going in with ceramic black vases, and black mesh lamps – can be a great way too! Check out this amazing metal sculpture, or this ceramic pot, or this cute little candle holder! Click on the pic to shop! 

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Last but not least, hardware is where to use black! Whether it’s the knobs on a dresser, cabinet, or a base on a piece of furniture – black is an amazing option to tone whatever piece down, and give it that last bit of pop before it’s finished!

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