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Announcement - MegMade has a wallpaper line!

This is maybe one of the top 10 most exciting days of my life! Besides you know getting married, having kids, starting our own business and moving into our current home, this is right up there! have this thing with wallpaper. I am pretty sure you have pegged me as obsessed with it by now and you are absolutely spot on!

Ever since I knew I had the chance of private labeling my own wallpaper line I have looked at the world differently. When I walk outside, I look at flowers and trees as prints on wallpaper. Pajama pants and kids clothes become new designs. Don't even get me started at looking at artists pieces and how they turn into an incredible print in my mind!

Without further adieu, please check out our first four prints. We are avidly working on more prints as the projects arise for them and there is seriously nothing more exciting than when the next one is created!

On The Prowl - 

This one we created for a clients bathroom. I got the idea when I saw a pair of pajama pants with tigers on them, go figure. I love big cat prints and this one is perfectly bold, yet elegant.


Take The Edge Off -

Many wallpapers I fall in love with are amazing yet the color is off. I found one that was similar to this but I needed a pop of color to make it interesting. That is how this one came about. Who needs a full square, when you can take an edge off and make that much more unique?

Reflection - 

We just moved and we promised our two eldest boys that share a room that they could have bunk beds. I wanted to put a wallpaper behind the bunks to add some interest. They wanted camo really bad. I wasnt feeling straight up camo so I made a sort of watercolor version that can look like camo or it can look like a beautiful watercolored lake. Choose your own adventure :)

Let It Grow - 

Created with a green high board and batten in mind, this paper is bold and beautiful, yet has a fun and bright twist to it. The two colorways take on a very different feel. I love the cream for a room that needs a bright burst. I love the midnight for a room that can go moody. 

Another beautiful thing about these papers is if the color isnt just right for your need, unlike other companies, we can change it to make it perfect for YOU! Our tag line is "a home like no other," which is why we love the fact that even our paper is customizable to YOU!

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