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We are overjoyed with all the positivity and excitement that we’ve been getting surrounding the launch of our paint line! Seriously y’all, it’s a dream come true. And it feels surreal, and we’re just so so happy. With all this excitement this week, we also launched our first of many live videos that we’re going to be doing on our Instagram stories! Tune in every week and check out some – TIPS, TRICKS, & TREATS (as Joe says) -and live tutorials, while also answering all of your paint and interior questions! But let’s get right into y’all – HERE ARE OUR 19 PAINT COLORS!

We named our colors during a super deep process – over dinner with Shelby! We brought all the color chips to dinner, and one by one, we named them all! These paints are super safe, super versatile, and super simple to use! You can use them to paint over furniture, mirrors, tiles, fabric, wallpaper – you name it, you can paint it! These paints were made to be used alone, or mixed with waxes and glosses – so that you can play with the shades! We hope you love them as much as we do!

Ocean Finn

Blue/Green! Named after our third and youngest son – he’s super cute and so is this color!

Ellie Grace Yellow

Subtle and sweet yellow, named after a girl that I know! Perfect with an antique wax or a little gloss.


Named after a good friend Katie and the lipstick she wears – it’s fun, bright and PINK!

Bradley Green

My cousin Brad is in the military, it is army green! The absolute perfect army green! This would look AMAZING with some antiquing.

Earl Green

Named after my nephew – because his favorite color is green!


Deep-Sea Blue/Teal! A little blue, a little green, and a little gray!

Louie Brown

Rich and luxurious – this brown is everything!

Gulley Gray

Named after a really good friend of ours who helped us launch this paint line! Classic grey, with lavender undertones.


Even though I am NOT a fan of the food EGGPLANT,  LOVE the color! This color is just simply the best purple color-rich, royal, regal, and AH-MAZING!

Welden White

After Joe’s grandmother, and named after our son Wells – Welden is the perfect white! Barely off-white!

Garnett Gray

Named after the small town in Kansas where Shelby is from – this is the most beautiful deep gray!

Howard Blue

It can either be a gray, a white, or a blue tone depending on the light in the room, this one is versatile!

Claire Pink

The softest pink. Named after Claire from the Nutcracker, because I was in the Nutcracker when I was 6! It just reminds me of ballet slippers!

Dusty Pink

Simply because it is the dustiest of the pinks!

Flyer Red

If you have kids, then you know! Flyer red, named after the ever-popular Radio Flyer wagons, this is the absolute perfect, bright and bold red!

High Tide

The most beautiful navy color, named after one of our best friend’s children, that’s his nickname!

Adler Orange

We are asked about this color a lot, it is the most amazing orange. Bright and perfect for that bold pop of color.

Black Sheep

This is super dark graphite, and if you add any waxes into it, you will get that deep deep black!

Whale Blue

Named whale because we were at the Whales restaurant when we were naming the colors. The restaurant has a poker theme, and this one is a royal blue – and a royal flush if you ask me!












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