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Today we’re changing things up, and showing you something a little different in terms of furniture, y’all. We’re showing you this AMAZING before + after painted piano! This completely neglected Baldwin piano, that was in a state of despair, was brought back to life for a school for one of our customers. Guys, I literally told the owner a million times that I would not paint this piece – because I didn’t want to mess with the beautiful sound and acoustics. But with her persistence and Meg Made’s determination, we brought this once dilapidated piano and brought it back to life with a bright white piano gloss! It is just so good guys. This has to be one of our all-time favorite transformations!


There’s always something so amazing about bringing furniture back to life, but it doesn’t literally speak to you as this piece does.  Redoing an instrument such as a piano is so amazing because when the product is finished and you’re able to sit down and actually play the piano that wasn’t being played before because of its condition – it’s truly an indescribable feeling. Guys, there was something going on inside – it was working, but because of the outside, no one really got to see the beauty or whatever was going on within. Okay, I know I’m getting all metaphorical here, but it’s a great way to think of others – ever here, don’t judge a book by its cover? Anyways, furniture has a new purpose, a new style … it’s like bringing something back from the past, but not only did we bring this piece back from the past – we brought its voice back!


Well, as I’m sure many of you know, there’s something just so grand about a white gloss piano. We literally turned this piece around from a black piano that was dull, and looked like any basic piano, to a bright white that will stand out in an atrium, theater, or wherever they use this piece! The bright color gave it a new purpose – a new meaning. It’s not just a basic piece anymore, but THE piece that the students and staff want to learn to play, or play if they already know how to. The white color is inviting, yet maintains a very classy, and prideful look.

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