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With all that's new going on with MEGMADE, it's only fitting that we share the launch of our new website!! Guys, I feel like I have just been sharing update after update with you all, and honestly, I have to say, being in quarantine for some time really allowed us to focus on what's important, while also motivating us to make the best out of every situation we are in. 

We switched on over to a new format, an updated clean-finish look, and added a ton of new information about MEGMADE and about us! And not only is it way more user-friendly, but it lets us keep you updated on all aspects of MEGMADE, with just the homepage!!

You can easily shop, you can easily look at our lookbook, and you can even check out our Instagram from just scrolling down the page. 

PLUS - our latest blogs will be shown on the homepage.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL -  YOU WILL GET ALL THIS FOR THE PRICE OF ... Okay, just kidding, but seriously there is MORE! 

We now have a three-button website navigation SHOP, SERVICES, AND BLOG to quickly get you through each part of the website. 

We also have listed all of our design services, what they are, and what customizable options you have! And we added a bunch more too - including interior design! 

Our blog also has a fresh new look! Where through thumbnails, you can easily see what each blog is, and click on it for the best read of your life - I know, I have to stop with these jokes. 

But seriously, we are so so so so excited to share our journey with you all. And there's always room to get excited, and even if it's as simple as a new website layout - celebrate it all! 



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