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One way to instantly bring some freshness to the bathroom is by adding a beautiful white wallpaper, or white countertop! White decor doesn’t always have to be rustic  & chippy, but rather can be sleek and smooth! That being said, if you want the farmhouse dream bathroom, start with a distressed white mirror! If that’s not enough, purchase some white bath towels, and have them hang or fold upon a towel rack. White candles, white shower curtains, and white bathroom canisters – are all easy ways to introduce the color!


Sometimes all it takes to make an office productive is to add some bright white-colored decor! Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but look at how amazing this white vase looks paired with all the other elements in the room. White definitely can be the accent, rather than the base if done right! If the desk isn’t enough, but you don’t want to go all white, adding a checkered white blanket, or some elements like ceramic vases and white moldings around the doors, can be the perfect way to add some accent!



 Obviously, going in with some bright painted white cabinets! White is the perfect color for a clean, fresh-looking kitchen. But, if you got kiddos and are afraid of some dirt, maybe going in with a nice white subway tile backsplash, or playing around with smaller features first, is key To incorporate white in the kitchen, think ceramic! Usually, ceramic items come in a bright white, and because of this, they bring a pop to the space like no other! The ceramic itself has an aesthetically soft appearance, which gives you double the points, so going in with some bright white, but in a soft way – AMAZING! Sometimes all white can be harsh, but pairing it with softer materials and in ways that don’t look too sterile, is the way to go. Go in with a white fruit bowl, or some white canisters, or even a spoon rest, to incorporate the color in your kitchen! If you want to go bold with white, to bring some amazing contrast to the space, especially if you have some dark countertops, try going in with an ivory backsplash!


If you have some shelves - then it's simple - adding frames with white! Other than that all I need to say is, pillows, pillows, pillows! I know, maybe it sounds too easy – but if we’re thinking to go in with some white, you need to add some white pillows in your decor! Since white typically means bright, starting off slow with pillows can be a very easy transition, and try out different textures! The only way I wouldn’t suggest this is if you have a white couch – but almost any other color would offset white amazingly! Besides the pillows, go in and add a throw blanket, and DEFINITELY add some white florals into a vase! If that’s not enough, try adding an area rug with hints of white to bring out all the new white elements in the room, and to contrast the rest!


It’s time for a tablescape y’all! Adding white to your table is essential in making your dining room brighter! Start with a white or off-white table runner or table cloth, or chargers or placemats and then go towards the middle and add your favorite white elements! Whether it’s a lantern, vase, some florals, candles, a wooden sign – anything that represents you and your family would help make the perfect tablescape! If you want to really be bold, try going in with some upholstered white chairs!  

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