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Today is such a special day - it's Meg's birthday!! I decided to hop on here to give you a Joe's Special Sneak Peak as to what a day with Meg is really like.

Meg is one of the most hardworking people I have ever met. She can have the most chaotic day at work and still come home and spend quality time with our boys (which mostly includes running around and pillow fights). She's the best wife, mother, boss, and friend I have ever known. There is no doubt that Meg is able to create amazing products and designs, but she's even better at being an amazing mom to our three boys. At work, she's known for creating such unique and special home designs for each and every customer that walks through the door. At home, she is known for making up songs and dances to help the boys memorize their study guides, playing endless hours of basketball with Wells and Brooks (and trying to explain to them that they need to dribble to ball before they shoot), and making sure we sit down at the end of every night as a family to talk about the best part of our day. She's truly the glue that keeps this ship afloat!

I really can't imagine what life would be without Meg and the family we've created. What can I say, I don't lacquer - I love her! I'm thankful for the amazing journey that Meg and I have taken together, and I know the best is still yet to come for us and our family. It'll be one wild ride, but there's nothing I can't do if she's standing there next to me. Happy birthday, Meg - let the world love on you today - you deserve it!


P.S. Got sappy with you guys there, now back to my regular Instagram story content.

Photo by: @Erinkonrath

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