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Happy Father’s Day to my husband Joe, the most amazing man and father out there. Not only do you bring the brightest light into our family, but you are always there for us in everything we do, while also being there to remind us that no matter what is going on in life, there is always room for laughs! You are the most dedicated and most motivated man that I know, and when it comes to our family and MegMade – you are unstoppable! You are such a role model for our three boys, and I can only hope they grow up to be a man like you. We love you, Joe! The boys look up to you, and we all are amazed by you, your strength, and your lasting effect on others, always. If you need to smile, you’re the one to go to! You have that get things done, we will figure it out attitude, which sometimes is hard to remember. But through it all, you are always there to remind us that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously and that we can get through absolutely anything that crosses our paths! You’re my rock, the muscle at MegMade, and for anyone who meets you – you simply can light up their day! Happy Father’s Day Joe! We love you!



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