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Happy Father's Day Joe! You deserve to have the most amazing day because you are truly the most amazing man, husband, and father. You're the rock to this family! You do so much for all of us, and you do it with love and without any sort of complaint. You're the greatest gift I could have ever hoped my children could have as a father because you show up every single day. No matter what it is, you make sure to still keep us smiling through it all. You're the funniest guy I know, and with this crazy year we've had, and with every year we spend together, you always, always impress me, and grow together through it all. Like I always say, you're a bottomless optimist, and I am so lucky to have you always by my side --  believing in us, believing in our business, and reminding me that there is always a way. I love taking on all the adventures of life with you, because with you by my side, I know I will always be filled with laughs, and with love, and life will always be full of special moments. The boys and I love you so much Joe, and we hope you enjoy this much deserved day! 

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