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I don’t know if you’ve heard but the HYGEE trend is in! If you’re not sure what hygee is – pronounced “hue-gah” – it’s the coziness and comfort you feel that brings on the even better feeling of contentment and wellbeing. Hygee is something I feel that we all strive for throughout life, even if we don’t realize it is an actual term and thing. It’s important to feel Hygee in our homes, and listen to y’all there are ways to help you along this process. Today we’re going to share some simple ways to bring some hygee into the home!


Hygee is all about enjoying the present moment, and slowing down the processes of everyday life. Picture putting on your most comfortable sweatpants after a long day of work, with the fireplace turned to on, drinking a perfectly warm coffee or cocoa, and turning on your favorite movie or grabbing that book you’ve been wanting to catch up on, and then slowly sinking into your couch and enjoying all the moment. Doesn’t that sound literally AMAZING? To incorporate this and help you to get to this amazing moment, think soft, neutral and clean! Clutter is an absolute no when it comes to finding these moments. Cleaning up the space is the first step in being able to feel content. With a cluttered room, you’re going to be constantly reminded of all the cleaning you have to do, which will take you away from the present. Next, choose your spot that you want to share these moments in, and think soft and neutral. Neutral colors will help your mind stay at rest, and softness brings the texture to match the mood you want to feel. Going in with soft blankets like faux fur and plush would be perfect. Also, choosing a space where there is some natural light throughout the day would be ideal.


The bedroom is the place of rest, but it’s also where you start and end the day. Making it a place that is peaceful throughout is important in setting your mood for the day and resting your mind at night. Having a room of minimal touches, creamy colors, and open storage are great ways to set the tone for hygee room. If the storage is done right and used an accent with neatness, it will give a very airy and open vibe to the space, which will help create these hygee moments. Creamy tones are the best in a bedroom too because, without touch, they bring that softness, but also helps you be in a state of neutrality with some softness, to get things going.


To bring hygee into your dining room, think natural and rustic. I know that this is not always everyone’s style, but being that rustic is very natural to the eye, keeping things as natural as possible is the key here. A dining room is a place of gathering, and nothing is more grounding than actual having natural materials in the room. When things get loud and crazy and there may be a lot going on, it’s important to have those grounding elements to stay and embrace the moment. Upholstered chairs are also a great element to add to the dining room because they provide optimal comfort and a cozy aspect of the space.

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