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You've gotten the big stuff out of the way - now it's time to finish the room off and decorate! So many people come into the store not knowing how or where to start - I totally understand! It can seem like a daunting task to achieve the aesthetic you're going for. So many people think a "styled decor" look can only be achieved by interior designers, but I have some tips and tricks to share that will help you get started! 

We have a ton of fun accessories and decor to choose from. Click HERE to check it out! Here are my tips and tricks to choosing and styling your home decor:

Start With A Clean Slate

Source: MegMade Instagram

When it comes to accessorizing a room, it’s important to start with a clean slate. The key to a perfectly styled room is to get rid of the clutter and make the room feel intentional. Go through everything in your space and get rid of the things you don’t need. For the things you do need in that space - incorporate them into the decor! There's no shame in making the space looked lived in. If you're really going for that polished look, find some storage and keep the things you need hidden and take it out when you need it. My best advice is to always make sure everything you need has a designated spot - that way you’re able to find it easily.

Mix And Match

The fun part about decorating is that you can make it your own! Mix and match different decor pieces that you love and make it work for the look and style you're going for! Add in different textures, colors, and heights to create a look you'll love. Furniture can showcase your style, but the decor is where you really have a change to show off your personality! Incorporate sentimental pieces you love, things you've collected throughout your life, etc. to give someone walking into the room an idea of who you are. Mix and match different pieces to add some fun, different elements to the rest of your room. 

Group It Together


When I'm "shuzzing" as Joe likes to call it, I tend to put my decor together in groups. Adding a number of objects will make a greater impact and help the eye process the decor rather than having single items scattered all around the room! I love making groups with a bunch of different colors, textures, and heights to really round out the space. 

Pay Attention To Height And Scale

Source: MegMade

Apply height and scale to help the eye to travel across the room. When you're grouping things together it's important to make sure everything isn't on the same playing field. Add some flowers or another accessory on top of your stacked coffee table books, buy groups of accessories that match but are a different size. It's also important to pay attention the the size of the room you're decorating in. If it's a bigger room, make sure your decor fits the space. You don't want to put just one small piece of art on a huge wall. Make sure your scale fits the space - instead buy multiple pieces of art to make a gallery wall or one big piece.  

Pull Colors From The Rest of Your Space

Source: MegMade Instagram

When you're looking to add some decor, look at the colors and patterns you already have in the space! I love pulling colors from places like furniture, rugs, or wallpapers to create a cohesive look. Choose colors that accentuate your room's color palette and blend them into the overall color scheme. I love adding accents through throw pillows or vases for an unexpected pop of color.  

Make It Personal 

Source: MegMade Instagram

The look is important, but making your house feel like a home is the the ultimate goal! Add sentiments in your decor that means something to you -- whether it’s photos of your kids or pieces passed down in your family. I always like to do a mix and match of new and old decor. A design isn't finished until it elicits some type of emotion in you - adding a sentimental touch will do the trick! 

*Check out Yaha's "Word Of The Year Art" (Pictured Above) HERE*

Add Coffee Table Books

Source: MegMade Instagram

If you don't own some good coffee table books, invest in some! Adding coffee table books to your decor arsenal is the best way to fill space and help create scale in your decor. If you're deciding to buy some, don't go with just one! I would recommend starting out with two or three and stacking them to add some scale to the rest of your grouped decor. If you don't own books, buy some at a yard sale or library sale — they do wonders to warm up a room and are one of the cheapest accessories you can find. I just started really adding coffee table books to my collection, stay tuned for my favorites - I might even start selling them at the store soon!

Keep Your Art At Eye Level

Source: Steve Cordony Instagram

When it comes to art, my best advice would be to avoid hanging it too high or too low by keeping it right at eye level of an average height person while standing. In a dining rom or office, this scale might change a bit because you'll be seated more often than not. The art you choose will bring on that personality into your space, so make it count! Adding art at eye level gives off the most visual impact. If you're creating a gallery wall, keeping your art at eye level will obviously go out the window! To make a gallery wall cohesive, choose frames with a unifying element such as similar frame color, size, shape or matting.

Here are a few of my favorite MegMade art pieces:

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Add Flowers/Greenery

When styling a home, I always add in some flowers or greenery to breathe life into the space! Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite. I don’t necessarily have a green thumb, but I still love adding greenery (or faux greenery) as a way to add height and something natural to the space. 


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