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Paint is ALL around us, and sometimes we don't even realize it! Our walls are painted, our furniture is painted, honestly, most of our decor is painted in one way or another. What is so incredible about paint is that it comes in so many different colors and shades that it’s one of the most versatile materials to use! Although there are so many options to choose from, it can be hard to narrow it down to which color to pick, especially in different rooms. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect paint color for your style and space:

Narrow Down Your Style

First and for most, style is a great way to narrow down a paint color. We all have our favorite looks and our own sense of style, and so does our house! Before choosing a color, determine what your style is.

Modern: If you have a more modern style, you’re all about embracing the past! Colors that have an earthier hue such as, rust, turquoise, brown, and olive greens are all considered modern. But one thing that is typical for modern homes is the addition of a bright pop of color – orange, red, yellow, green, but in a warmer tone, are all great options. Modern is all about contrast, and that’s why the light, dark and bright colors all mesh for a very cohesive, modern look.

Rustic/Farmhouse: If you have a rustic style, naturals are the place to start! Taupes, greys, beiges, browns, and whites, are all colors that give those good rustic vibes. Plus, when all these colors are incorporated together, it looks absolutely incredible. For a rustic accent color, colors in the dark blue family and dark green family usually mesh well. For little decor elements like flowers, yellows, and light purples definitely scream rustic!

Moody: Listen we all get a little moody sometimes, but if your style stays moody, the darker the color the better! Deep violets, blues, and reds are great to add to your moody style. The deeper the color, the better! Of course black screams moody as well, but typically any color that is in its darker shade will definitely fit.

Contemporary: Sometimes confused with modern, but has a significant difference. Modern is all about the past, while contemporary is about embracing the now with all different types of furniture in the design. If you have a contemporary style, your style is usually all about contrast – much like the contrasting elements that create the space. Starting off with colors like grey, black and white, are definitely typical contemporary colors. Adding a pop of bright color such as red, blue, and yellow, but in a cool tone, will mesh well with the space.

Set The Tone

The tone is a big factor in which colors you decide to choose. Luckily, most colors come in different tones and depending on if you want a cozy space or an awake space, you will be able to find the perfect color. If you want a cozy space, going for colors with a warm tone like taupe, brown, olive, and burgundy, and even off white, will definitely make you feel ready to cuddle up and relax. Why? Because these colors evoke a feeling of sun and warmth and create the perfect cozy space! If you want an awake space, going for colors with a cool tone like bright greens, blues, violets, pinks, and bright white, will evoke the feelings of air and freshness, all of which bring out a cool and awake feeling.

Figure Out The Feel Of The Room

When choosing a color, you have to think of the feeling of the space. Each room can have a different feeling, and that means that each room can have a different color – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Blue: Blue is great for thinking, but is also great for calmness and peace. If you ask me, you kind of need to be calm to think clearly- right? So blue is a great option for either an office, bedroom or bathroom! All the places that will help you get some relaxation!

Orange: Orange helps you be creative. Again, an awesome place for an office, or perhaps a room that you do art in! Hey, you can even use it in the kitchen, because let’s be real, we all can be a little more creative when we’re cooking up some food for the family.

Green: Green is a great accent color in almost every room (can you tell we love green here at MegMade). Green evokes prosper and wealth and can encourage you to go after what you want in life. For that, the addition of green to almost any space will help you along life journey! Green also represents healing and balance – it can be used to promote emotional well being as well! Gives you all the feels, doesn’t it?

Purple: Purple embraces spirituality. Purple reminds us that we’re all connected, so it’s a great color to add to a space that you and your family will spend time together. Living rooms and dining rooms are the perfect spaces for some purple!

Red: Red is a stimulant color, and will actually make you feel fortified. It increases self-confidence and promotes courage! Adding red to a foyer would be a great way to remind yourself that whenever you leave, you are confident and ready to take on the day.

Yellow: Yellow is a great color that will help you increase your focus. It also helps you think and stimulates your brain! Yellow is another great color to add to an office space or a space where you need to focus but remain positive and happy at the same time.

Choose What's Best For You!

No matter what these colors may all mean, it all depends on who you are what you like. You may love the color red, so painting a wall red will make you feel at home and yourself. If you love the color green, paint a piece of furniture green – it all depends on your interests, and then from that, the feelings and styles will come to you. Like we always say, have fun with color! Paint can be changed and is very temporary! Don’t be afraid to try something new – you won’t regret it!


I hope these tips helped you get started. Sometimes it's difficult knowing where to start, but don't worry! If you're feeling stuck, we offer design services at MegMade to get you started. Click HERE for more info. As always, I would LOVE to see how this blog helped you choose your paint colors! Tag us in your new room reno on Instagram or Facebook @Megmade and use our hashtag #findthegold as a way to show how you found the gold in your original space. 

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