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How to Create An Inviting Entryway with Wallpaper & More

This has been another week in the books guys! The launch of our MegMade wallpaper is a dream come true. It's unbelievable sometimes to think that we design wallpaper! If you know me, you know my love for wallpaper and to now say that MegMade has their own line - wow! It's surreal, but I am just so so happy to share this with all of you, and I truly hope you love it as much as we do! 
Today, we're going to share with you some ways to incorporate wallpaper into your entryway, to truly make that statement wall! 
On the front-facing wall: A simple way to make your entryway stand out is by adding wallpaper to the first wall you see.  Whether it’s patterned or textured, adding this different finish as an accent point will make the entryway look wholesome. One thing I love about wallpaper is the feelings it brings to the room! Wallpaper tells us a story, so when choosing for your front room, it's so important to pick something that truly matches your personality!
On the wall of the staircase: If you have a staircase when you walk in, adding wallpaper to the side where the wall and banister meets can be a fun way to add some pattern - without overdoing it! It's all about the statement in the entryway, and although it may be subtle, and it may not even be visible upon walking in depending on how your staircase is, but it can be that missing touch that can truly take things up a notch! 
On the backing of the steps: If you have been dying to update your staircase, and not sure where to start - try wallpapering the back of each step! 
No foyer, no problem: wallpaper can be an easy way to create a designated entryway space, without truly having one! If your home doesn't have an entry space, try creating a small section on the first wall that you see, and add wallpaper, either to the entirety of the wall, or even the bottom half of the wall with some moldings, to create a distinctive area for your entryway! Add a small table or bench, and there you have it! Not every house has an entryway, so this is where you get to be creative! 
To a piece of furniture: If you're a little nervous to jump right into a whole wallpapered wall, why not try adding some wallpaper to the inside of your furniture pieces! If you have a piece that either has glass, or even something like a built in, strategically placing wallpaper either between the backing of the shelves and having it been seen through any glass - can be a way to slowly ease the space into using wallpaper! 
To create an inviting entryway, there are some other elements you can add that will truly encompass the space!  
Furniture Pieces: Depending on the size of the space, either going in with a bench or a long but thin table, like a credenza, is always a great touch! I'm also a sucker for a good dresser remake or buffet in an entryway - because hey, I want to show off and see my favorite pieces as soon as I walk in the house! Shop and Click on some of these MegMade pieces to help create the most inviting space! 
Rugs: To really make the space inviting, with all our high expectations, sometimes we have to think a little lower than usual - on the floor that is! Adding a small throw rug to the space, will truly help make the space complete. 
An entryway is all about setting the overall tone for your home! So we can't stop with only wallpaper & furniture! To make the entryway one of the most inviting spaces in the house - you have to add little touches here and there that represent you and your family, and also kind of make the space feel cozy, comfortable, and complete! Things like mirrors, vases, throw-all dishes, frames - you name it! Play around, and have fun with different ideas for your entryway – remember, it is the first thing you, your family, and your guests will see when entering your home – so make it reflect you! Click & Shop below! 

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