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One of our favorite vignettes in a house is on the fireplace mantle - it’s cozy, it’s fresh, and more than anything, it always means something! A fireplace is often the space in the house where everyone goes to to gather together, to warm up, to relax! When the fireplace is on, it’s a feeling of settling down for the day, and just taking in all the light, and warmth that comes with it. That’s why we love decorating a fireplace mantle! It’s an already special space, which mean it needs all-year special decor! Today, let’s have a mantle moment and talk about some fixins’ for your fireplace mantle - plus, some ways to update it for fall!

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A vase is one of our favorite decor pieces to add to your all-year-long mantle decor! Vases are great because they’re so versatile, and they can be manipulated to fit the part from season to season! Whether it’s a change in holiday, you want a new style in the house, or you’re just refreshing up the space - you can swap out florals and fillers - to fit whatever style you’re going for! 

The vase featured in the picture is one of our best sellers at MegMade! It’s cute, fun, bright and really brings something unique to every space it’s in!



Frames are an awesome way to create the perfect mantle, and especially for fall! I mean technically you don’t have to have a themed frames to complete a space, but adding some photos that make you feel cozy or perhaps make you remember a time that brings joy and the feeling of connection, is perfect for this fall mantle! Although, going in with a rustic chippy wooden vase or some colored frames, would definitely give you some extra fall bonus points!


Candle holders are another decor piece that will not only be beautiful, but useful in the space! Going in with some candle holders that give a pop of color, something that blends seamlessly, or even a funky one like the monkey above - candle holders are the perfect addition to create a mantle that wows!


Okay, guys, so a quick addition here - if you want to spice up your mantle for fall - then you have to add some pumpkins! Burlap pumpkins, really gourd pumpkins, - okay - any type of pumpkins, will work to bring that little bit of a fall-touch you’re looking for!



Another must-have mantle decor is to incorporate a decorative object, or two, into the mix! Decorative objects are so fun because they’re sometimes quirky, inventive, and you just really never sure if you have the space for it. You ever ask yourself, where would I put this? If you ask yourself that question, then that means BUY IT, because you love it and maybe the mantle, will be the perfect spot! Check out this little guy we have at MegMade - he has two siblings to match, making an adorable little set of three! 


Optional Garland

I know garland isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for the purposes of possibly adding some fall decor in - let’s talk garland! Now that your Garland can either be placed on top to outline the mantle, or hanging slightly below the edge, attached from one end to the other. Going in with some leaf garland, or maybe even some garland that has a saying, would look amazing to complete this mantle!

** Please note:  Be mindful when decorating your mantle about fire safety, and take caution while placing your items, and the materials they are made from.


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