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There’s nothing better than some buttery blue colors in your home. Not only is blue the perfect color for a pop but it’s also a color that’s so diverse with a range of shades - making it a color for everyone to use! Blue is calming and a natural tone that you find nature, which brings grounding elements to your home! Today, we’re going to show you some awesome ways to add some blue paint into your home – that you can easily do:


Maybe the most obvious choice, walls are the go-to if you want to add some blue color into the space, and quickly! Whether you choose to do the entirety of a room in a lighter shade or go in with a dark navy as an accent – you can’t go wrong! Lighter shades of blue will make the room look brighter and larger, whereas a completely navy room will feel a bit cozier – however, it will make it moodier and dramatic! You can’t go wrong with either. But there are so many blues in between that you will find that perfect shade! Throw a blue patterned pillow into the mix, to make it complete!


Source: MegMade Instagram

If walls are a bit too daring, start small with a piece of furniture! Maybe you have a piece of furniture that needs some love or needs some life brought into it – if you do, start there! Blue is one of those colors that will fit into any neutral space, but also works great in a space of color – like with an amazing green velvet couch! When painting furniture – think buttery! A high gloss blue, with some amazing hardware to match can make that piece of furniture that wasn’t noticed before into the new highlight of the room!


Source: MegMade Instagram 

Another feature that you can find on the walls that can use some blue is some amazing wainscoting! Typically seen as a lighter and brighter color, go bold and paint your wainscoting a moody blue, to offset some light and bright walls! It looks absolutely stunning, and is the perfect touch to a bathroom, dining room or living space!

Doors And Trim 

Source: Rebecca Westover Photography Instagram

This may not be your first thought – but adding some blue paint to your doors can be a literal game changer! Blue doors can be the perfect accent to a hallway space, as the blue doors appear as almost an art form in and of itself!


Source: Jeweled Interiors Instagram

Speaking of doors – blue cabinets are IN! Blue kitchen cabinets are a style trend that I hope we see for some time. Whether you want to paint just the bottom cabinets in a darker blue shade, and go lighter on the top – or vice versa, or even keep the cabinets and offset it with a blue painted island – all of it will give your kitchen a dramatically different look and feel! Of course, it may be daring to go all blue overnight – but, I promise – it will be oh so worth it!

Decor And All The Extras

Source: Wendover Art Instagram

One of my favorite ways to add in blue is through decor, or even just those extra parts of the room that are so often forgot about. I saw this painted headboard and fell in love - isn't it amazing?! Go blue and do something fun with "all the extras". Add a velvet, blue lumbar to complete your bed, go bold with your drapery with blue patterned fabric - the opportunities are endless! 

I hope this blog gave you some fun ideas on how to incorporate pops of blue in your life through your home design. There are so many ways to add shades of blues that are still really fun and exciting - and not at all like the ways we've seen it done so many times before. Create a moody office look and bring it all the way up to the ceiling, add a velvet blue couch rather than just adding in as a blanket, it's time to embrace the traditional home decor color and make it fun again! As always, I want to see what you guys are thinking! Send me your blue inspo, tag us @MegMade and show us how you've found some fun ways to embrace blue - I want to see it! 

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