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How To Incorporate Adler Orange into Your Home

It's beginning to feel a lot like fall, y'all! Is it just me, or is it that when you say the word fall, y'all just follows so naturally? Maybe it's just me - but whatever the case may be - FALL IS AROUND THE CORNER! And this year, fall just got a whole lot more colorful at Megmade! The years before 2020, my mind would quickly jump straight to pumpkins when I think of those amazing, cozy fall vibes - but this year, my mind goes straight to Adler Orange - one of our new paints in our Megmade line! So today, with this fall-inspired blog post, we're giving you some tips and tricks on how to incorporate Adler Orange as a paint, and some other fun orange decor into your home!

Orange is definitely not everyone's go to , but it absolutely blends in seamlessly and completes a space! Adler Orange is one of those colors that definitely provides a pop, but it's toned-down enough to not take away from the rest of your decor in your room. Whether your house is neutral tones, or navy tones, or more farmhouse vibes AND definitely if it's mid-century modern - the addition of some Adler Orange will seriously change everything! And guys - it’s just paint, it can be as temporary or permanent as you want it to be!


I think it goes without saying, that this amazing orange-toned color, is perfect for any piece of furniture that may need a pop, and is an especially fun, playful color for a nursery! This color is perfect for any nursery - no matter the style - because it brightens up the space without overdoing it! Especially if it’s a smaller room, the Adler Orange creates a focal point, whether it’s the dresser or changing table, or even an accent wall - Adler Orange is the perfect addition to recreate any space into something fun, unique and beautiful!


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If you want to make a change to the outside of your house, and not sure what to start with - AND especially with fall around the corner, Adler Orange can be the perfect color for your front door! It’s bright, inviting, exciting, and it will literally upgrade your entrance in a blink of an eye! Plus, there’s just something about orange that brings cozy vibes - all year long! Whether it’s the fall leaves, a sunset in the summer, new flowers in the spring, and even the orange glow of the lights in the winter - orange is a color that makes you feel at home - that’s why it’s the perfect color for your front door!



If you’re thinking of adding some all-year-fall-vibes into your living space, dining space, or entryway - then without hesitation, GO FOR IT! Sometimes, our living spaces, dining and entryways, the spaces that are actually the most lived in and visited, lack some color, fun, brightness, and all of the above! If you want to freshen up the space, and try out something a little new, and a little daring - then Adler Orange is the absolute color to choose! Try adding Adler Orange to a tv console to start, or a table in your foyer, and go in with some antiquing wax, to add a really antiqued, darker tone to the space. Adler Orange is just one of those colors that fit perfectly in any space, with any style. You don’t need to be a fan of color, for this to work well with your decor!

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Ever think about doing something a little bit different in your kitchen? Guys our Megmade paint line paint, seriously does it all. You can paint over absolutely anything, no primer needed or prep -  and if you want to make a real statement kitchen - then you have to try adding Adler Orange to your hardware! Wait - what? I know, it’s definitely something different - but with orange being a color in this gold-toned hardware trend we’ve been seeing for a while (and definitely for a long time to come), it can be just the thing you need to make your kitchen not only unique but something amazing! Plus, if you don’t like the color, the hardware is a simple thing to swap out and can be an inexpensive fix to change, or you can even just paint right over it - but it’s definitely worth trying! If you want to try something a little different than the hardware, why not try painting your island Adler Orange? Paired with either a lighter or darker top, the orange undertones complement both a cool and warm space, and can seriously match almost any typical kitchen cabinetry colors!

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It doesn't have to only be a nursery to enjoy some Adler Orange in a bedroom! You can either go big or go little this one, but if you have some pieces that get overlooked by the rest of the decor in the room, try creating them as accents by adding Adler Orange! Either in full or even as a partial design element, Adler Orange will definitely bring those pieces to life!

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If you’re ready to join the orange train, but don’t want to jump in too quickly, but also want to change up some of the decor pieces you already have - why not try painting over some of your decor or buying some new decor? Yes, you can actually paint over decor pieces with this paint - I mean guys, you can even paint over outdoor cushions with it! So if you’re ready to jump aboard, try painting a vase, or a frame, or some decorative bowls, or ANY OF YOUR DECOR - Adler Orange!

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