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How to Incorporate Green into your Home + Earl Green Paint!

Green is one of our absolute favorite colors to work with at MegMade. There's just something about it that we LOVE! It's a color that kind of just fits into whatever style you're going for, and because of all the amazing shades it comes in, it's a versatile color that can be mixed in, or used as an accent! Green's cooler-toned shade, offsets deep colors and light and bright colors perfectly, while the warmer-toned greens bring that earthy, naturalist vibe to the room. We love green, and today we’re going to show you the best ways to add one our favorite new MegMade shades it into your home - Earl Green!


Earl Green is that amazing, natural, warm-toned green that can easily integrate into every room! Whether your style is modern, or rustic, or contemporary - Earl Green is your perfect army green, but with a little more darkness to it. Earl Green is perfect for furniture! It easily can bring an older piece of furniture back to life, and because of it’s natural elements, it fits almost perfectly in any space. But it's also great with new furniture! In your kid's room, Earl Green is perfect for a set of bunk beds, or perfect for your side tables in the Master, and our favorite way to incorporate Earl Green is on a dresser or buffet! One thing I love about some green furniture paint is that it never looks bad when finished, and with this buttery, Earl Green color, your furniture will be one-of-a-kind! Of course, you may think green is a bold choice and may be hesitant at first – but let me tell you – it’s ALWAYS a good choice. 
Earl Green would look AMAZING on these MegMade pieces! Click on the piece to shop! 


*J_Blue Style
Whether we go in with some paint or some AMAZING wallpaper – Earl Green is the best accent to add to any wall space, in my opinion. Being that green is so versatile, it can effortlessly offset any color, and Earl Green being a very neutral, not in-your-face color, it can mesh perfectly into any space! Look how amazing green looks paired with this bright-red piece we did for J_BlueStyle! Whether you want to stay simple and go in with a green accent wall with just one shade, or go in with some wallpaper that has some amazing green elements, and pair it with some bold colors in and of itself – you can’t go wrong either way!


*Jenny Grimm
Sometimes the best way to add green into the room is by just simply adding it into the upholstery! And get this y'all - our paints can actually paint over upholstery, even your outdoor cushions! If you have an older chair that needs to revamping - I'm just saying, Earl Green may be the place to start! Besides the paint, green fabric is definitely something that I think everyone needs in their life! What’s so great about fabric is all the texture it can bring. A green cotton fabric complements the soft airy feeling of the upholstery, while a leather green chair gives a very earthy and heavier feeling, which  grounds the space around it! With fabric, you play with the weight, and being that green is a versatile color, it’s the best color to add to heavier fabrics, and also to lighter.
Check out some of our MegMade pieces that would look AMAZING with some green touches! Click on the piece to shop!
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