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Wallpaper has always been one of my favorite decor elements. I've always loved it, and throughout the years you may see that wallpaper goes in and out of what's on-trend, but NOT at MEGMADE! We are always into wallpaper, and always find ways to incorporate into our everyday home projects. Wallpaper is such a great element because not only is there a ton of different options out there to match whatever style you like, but it is an easy way to transform the space without overdoing it- it’s so so good. Plus, it makes for some awesome wall art, if you’re into that kind of thing. There are so many cools ways to incorporate wallpaper into your home, and we’re here to tell you how!


Wallpaper is an awesome element to add to an entryway, because not only does it give you a focal point to create some structure within the entryway, but it’s your first chance to show off your style and the aesthetic of the rest of your home! When you walk into your home and are greeted with an amazing accent wall, the tone is set, and your home will seem more welcoming and inviting. And because an entryway is usually separated from the other rooms of your home, you can be a little more daring when it comes to the design and colors!



Wallpaper in a kitchen is a must if you want to add something special into your home decor! And - it doesn't just have to be by adding it to the walls! If you have a kitchen island one of the coolest ways to incorporate wallpaper would be to wallpaper one side of the island! Can you say statement piece? If your kitchen is lacking in color, putting a colored pattern or textured wallpaper onto the island would be a great way to subtly add an accent! Another way to add it to your kitchen would be to add it to your glass-front cabinets! If you have glass-front cabinets, adding wallpaper on to the shelving and backboards will be a very creative and innovative way of transforming your cabinets without overdoing it.  Another awesome way to incorporate it into a kitchen is by using it as a backsplash- wait, what? I know. I bet you didn’t think of that! Backsplashes can be expensive, but installing some wallpaper can save you some money while creating a great look or better than that of your typical backsplash!


If you have a staircase in your home, wallpapering the wall following the staircase will give your home an awesome accent and decor element. Up close, the wallpaper will seem like wall art, but from far away, it will literally be the element that enhances the space and that screams statement!


Let’s be real, bathrooms can get boring sometimes. But no more! If your bathroom is seriously lacking in decor, it’s time to add some wallpaper into the mix. Whether you wallpaper the entire room, one wall of the room, or the upper half of the wall (like what we did in our store’s bathroom), adding wallpaper will literally transform and give your bathroom a complete makeover, without all the work. Doing a half wall with tile, and the upper half with wallpaper gives the space some dimension, and can even make it look taller! For a half bath, using wallpaper to enhance one wall will make it look bigger and more spacious. In small spaces, going with a lighter wallpaper with a neutral color pattern will create an airy and bigger feel.


To create some elegance to your dining room – you can use wallpaper as an actual piece of art! Wallpapering a portion of the wall with the addition of some molding around the perimeter like a frame is an amazing way to show off your creativity, and make some custom wall art that you wouldn’t find in a store! And since a dining room usually has elements that are more elegant, and furniture that is larger, using wallpaper will be a great way to offset the larger furniture pieces, while creating a customized art piece that matches your style!


Much like  in a bathroom, wallpaper can change the size and appearance of your bedroom. A loose, flowing pattern with space between the designs, can definitely make the room seem bigger and even give it a more restful appearance – plus, it can bring more light into the space. If you go with a darker wallpaper, you will definitely give the room more of moody aesthetic. Either way, by just adding wallpaper, the aesthetic and design can be changed extremely easily and quickly! This wallpaper is from our new house in our boys' room! Plus, it's designed by ME! More info to come! If you want to go modern, choosing wallpaper with line work would be a great start! If you want to go more rustic, choosing a textured wallpaper would work awesome! Another extremely creative idea to incorporate wallpaper into the bedroom would be by adding it to the headboard! YES! If you want a mini furniture makeover, but don’t want to break the bank, you can add wallpaper to the frame or headboard or both of the bed, which will instantly create some new furniture decor goodness.


Honestly, guys, if you ask me, wallpaper can be used anywhere in the home! It’s a great decor element that can be used to create a mini makeover, and can be used to really change the look of your decor in an instant! There are so many options of wallpaper out there, making it an extremely versatile element, perfect for all different styles and aesthetics.

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