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Feel like your space feels cramped? We can help! There are so many interior design tricks you can use to make your living space more efficient and open. It's important in any space to make sure your personality and style can still shine through, so my best advice would be to be super purposeful when buying things for your space. Here are ten of my best tips and tricks for maximizing opening up your living spaces: 

Keep It Simple 


In a smaller living spaces especially, it's super important to keep your floor plan simple, yet still curated to express your personality and style! I would go with a few pieces of furniture you love, and stick with them. Adding too muchwill make it appear cluttered, so you have to be deliberate with what you put in the space.

Keep It Clean

I know this may sound like a no-brainer, but make sure you're keeping the it tidy and not letting random items pile up. It's another element that goes with the idea of keeping things intentional with every inch of the space you have! Bigger spaces hide messiness so much easier, but in a small space - it's right in your face. If you need to, go through your things and get rid of the things you don't really need. I think it's really important to have some type of organizational system in smaller spaces, to make sure you only have what you need and every item has a space. This will help you not add random, unneeded items to an already tight space. 

Add Mirrors 

Source: MegMade Instagram

Especially in a space that lacks natural light, adding mirrors is such a game changer! Mirrors reflect light and make the space appear larger than it actually is. Add a mirror to your space to spread some light around the room - a lighter and airier space always feels bigger! Make sure you go fun with it. If you're keeping the room plan simple, adding a fun mirror is the perfect way to spice up your space to help it fit your style.

Here are two examples of mirrors I'm loving right now that are in our unfinished inventory to customize:

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Use Full-Sized Furniture 

Source: MegMade Instagram

It may sounds counterintuitive, but using smaller furniture can actually make your space appear even smaller than it is. My best advice is to go with full-sized furniture, but just have less of it. If it's a living room, go for just a couch and a coffee table, and buy foldable chairs or poufs that you can be put away after your guests leave! The trick is to be a little bit more minimalist in a smaller space to make it appear intentional and tidy. Having too much furniture will give it a more cramped feel. 

Incorporate Multi-Functional Spaces


In a small space, creating areas that are multi-functional is key. My best advice for how to go about this is to map out the main priorities of your needs and think though ideas to still make that space fit your look and style. Rearrange the room, find pieces that work for all your uses, and make it fun! In a smaller living space, your kitchen table may also be your desk, your coffee table may be your main source of storage in the living room, so I would suggest going a little bit more quality on those pieces. It's important to makes sure those pieces are exactly what you need them to be - have the look you're going for while also being super durable. You don't need to buy as many pieces in a small space, so you're allowed to splurge a little bit on the items you go with! 

Hang It Up

Another trick to maximize your space is to get your belongings up off the ground! Having too much on the floor makes it feel cluttered quick. Remedy this by adding things like a coat rack or a shoe organizer to get those items that can pile up off the floor for a cleaner look and feel. 

Go Vertical


Since the width of a smaller space is not on your side, go vertical! In a smaller space, I always recommend buying skinnier but taller furniture to give the room some height and still get the max amount of storage. Buy a taller console and store your ottomans underneath instead of cluttering the space, buy a tallboy  instead of a short, wide dresser. There are so many little things you can do to make sure you're not sacrificing storage in order to achieve the look and style you're going for. 

Use A Large Rug

Much like the rest of the furniture, using a little rug actually makes the space appear smaller. Instead, go with a big rug that extends past your furniture to draw the eye wider and make the space appear bigger. A rug is where you can really showcase the personality you want to bring to the space, so get fun with it! It's easy to let the furniture take over in a smaller space, but if you choose small aspects to incorporate the overall look you want to go with, your curated space will be exactly what you've wanted! 

Let The Light In

Let the light into your space to make it feel more open and airy. It's a simple, yet effective way to make the area feel bigger and less restrictive. I don't know about you, but I always feel better in my space when there is natural light added to the mix. It puts me in a better mood! 

I hope these tips and tricks help for when you start tackling your smaller living space! Just remember, you can still have the look you dream of in a smaller space, you might just have to get a little craftier. If you're still stuck, I offer e-design packages at MegMade. Click HERE for more info! As always, I would absolutely love how your space turned out. Tag @Megmade on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #findthegold to showcase your space! 


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