How to Perfectly Match Mismatched Furniture



Gone are the days of matching bedroom sets and all uniform furniture – instead we’re breathing new life into unique antique pieces to create a home that fits your personal style. We’ve always considered our decorating style to be eclectic-chic, and we love that so many other homeowners are styling mismatched furniture to create their own unique space. Whether you consider yourself a neo-traditionalist, a modern furniture lover or boho-chic connoisseur, finding unqiue pieces that fit your personality should always outweigh perfectly matching style (because sometimes perfectly imperfect is the best statement you can make!).

Here are a few of our favorite tips for styling mismatched furniture to create a space that’s all your own without looking too chaotic.



Use both light and bright colors: 

We’re big fans of bold colors and statements, but it’s essential when decorating with mismatched furniture to find a balance of both brights and lights. While we love hot pink just as much as the next gal, balancing brighter colors with lighter pieces (like the grey couch and white walls above) help keep the brighter colors more muted without being too overbearing in the space.



Make a bold statement: 

We make bold statements all day everyday with our pieces, and we always encourage our customers to go with the bright bureau or reupholstered chair whenever possible. However, you definitely don’t want your home to turn into a fun house with rainbow colored pieces, so it’s important to find a balance too! When mixing mismatched furniture, make sure to find color groups that will create a balance in the midst of your statement pieces. The gorgeous image above does this perfectly by adding pops of color with the chair and rug, while letting the beautiful wooden accent pieces help the colors truly pop.



Keep it simple + add neutrals: 

Bright and bold is great, but sometimes neutral colors can really make a room relaxing and chic. Mixed muted hues in a variety of furniture styles can help keep a room from looking too stale, while keeping the overall style light and etherial.



Keep your look level:

We love the look of mismatched dining room chairs in a variety of fun colors, but it’s always important to make sure to choose chairs of the same height to keep the look cohesive. We love the bright example above which takes similar style chairs and makes them even more appealing by mixing like colors in the same lacquered finish.

If you’re looking for some new mismatched pieces, definitely swing by our showroom this weekend! We have hundreds of new pieces that are to die for – from bright bureaus to gorgeous side tables, we’ll make sure your home is anything but boring

And we’d love to know your favorite mismatched furniture styling tips! Leave any of your favorites in the comment below.

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