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Written by: Meg Piercy



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Mixing decorating styles is easier than you might think! In truth, almost no design is purely one style anymore. Blending styles can be so much fun and will give your space a more personalized feel, especially when you're sharing a space with someone with a different style than you! Better yet, maybe you want to incorporate a vintage piece passed down in your family in your contemporary living room. Whatever the case may be, we can help!! Here are my tips for mixing decorating styles right:

Keep It Consistent

Although you may be mixing eras and styles, make sure your color palette stays consistent throughout the space. Don't get me wrong, I love color, but make sure you're incorporating colors within the same color family and being intentional about the amount you're adding in. Even in colorful rooms, it's important to keep the palette cohesive and have places to give your eyes a rest. It can turn from colorful to chaotic very quickly! My advise would be to decide on a few places to add pops of color and use what I like to call "bold neutrals" to round it out. Bold neutrals for me are colors like darker greens, darker blues, etc. 

Create A Focal Point

If you're stuck trying to figure out what to do with that one piece that doesn't match the rest - make it the focal point! Instead of trying to hide the piece that doesn't necessarily fit in the space with the rest of the design, showcase it and make it fun!! Here at MegMade, we love taking otherwise unusable furniture and turning into something fun. Did you know we do customer-owned pieces?! Just email a few photos and and dimensions to our email at hello@megmade.com and we can send you over a quote. 

Think About Balance And Scale

Playing with scale is one of my favorite parts about design! Especially when you're mixing decorating styles, make sure you have a good balance that goes into the balance and scale of the room. You don't want one half of the room to feel traditional and the other modern, just like you wouldn't want a huge, bulky chair to go with a dainty, traditional secretary desk. It sounds easier said then done (and those examples were a little dramatic), but play around with it and stick with what fits! 

Match The Mood

An important step in choosing pieces from different decorating styles is to decide what you want the overall mood of the room to be. Your design doesn't have to be all one style, but it does have to bring about the feeling that you're wanting to evoke. That can be done through different colors, textures, and patterns as well. Don't use loud pieces and patterns if you're opting for a bedroom that you want to be calm and relaxing. 

Find A Commonality

When you're trying to mix styles, it's important that the overall design still looks cohesive. Bring your style together by incorporating similar patterns, textures, or colors throughout the space. Trying to bring a modern couch together with a more traditional chair? Keep them in the same color family to bring some cohesion between the two. It's important to try to "blend" the room as much as possible for a seamless look between the two styles! 

Choose Creative Furniture

The best way to make sure you fall in love with your next room design is to choose fun furniture! Choose unique pieces that speak to you and add some color. Investing in pieces you love (whether they're traditional, modern, transitional, etc.) will last you a lifetime - because you'll love them enough to bring them from house to house! Here at MegMade, we love custom creating pieces to fit your home and style. We restore pieces for bathroom vanities, in a kitchen as cabinet storage, as a hutch within built-ins - you name it! If you incorporate pieces you love, you won't have to overthink mixing different styles - it will just be effortless! 

I hope this helped get you started! The most important thing? Do what YOU love. Yes, you'll read all over the internet that there are design rules, but when it comes to your own home and design, do whatever is right for you and makes you happy. Life's too short to have a house you don't love and feel good in! Once you put it together, we'd love to see it. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook @MegMade!

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