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Incorporating furniture that matches your style and ties your overall look together is the key to having a next-level design. That's why it's so important to pick the right furniture pieces with the right look! Don't stress, I'm here to help! Over the years, I have gotten good at transforming and finding pieces that can be turned into gold. It's what I do! Here are some things to think about when picking out colors for new pieces or transforming your existing pieces to match your style:

1. What Look Are You Going For?

Overall, picking a furniture color really depends on what you want your room to be. Are you going for a serene space to relax, or is this room a space for you to show your style and creativity? Ask yourself these questions and really think about what you want the room to look like when it's finished. It's important to think big picture! If the rest of the room is more neutral and relaxed, adding a pop of Adler Orange may be just what the room needs if you're going for creativity, but adding a cool-toned blue like High Tide may be more your style if you're wanting a more zen feel.

2. What Are The Color Of Your Walls? 

The next thing I usually ask design clients when they come in for new furniture is what the rest of their space looks like. It's important to take the rest of the room into consideration, or at least what you want it to be if you're moving into a completely new space! Furniture is a great way to add some contrast into a room. If the walls are lighter, I usually start thinking of darker paints and stains for the furniture, and vice versa! The pre-existing colors in the room matter because it is important to take your room's color-scheme into consideration. Color-schemes usually have underlying warm or cool tones to them. I recommend picking shades that incorporate whatever color base is already there to make the room more cohesive. 

Here are some of my recommendations for warm-toned rooms: 

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 Here are some of my recommendations for cool-toned rooms:


If you are looking to experiment with your style, picking your furniture color may depend on what's already there. More neutral-toned walls might call for a pop of color, while bold wallpaper or bright colored walls may need more subtle furniture to really let your walls shine!

3. What About The Rest Of Your Furniture?

Do you already have existing furniture your new piece needs to match with or are your starting fresh? You can never go wrong with sets, it really brings the room together, but sometimes it's fun to mix and match if you do it right! I think pairing painted furniture with stained furniture is a great way to get some diversity in a room. Try it out! The nice thing about MegMade's in-house colors is that they're super easy to paint over if you decide you want to go for a different look.

4. Where Can You Pull Colors Out Of?

Once you have all those questions answered, look around the room! Are there any spots you can pull colors from to really tie the space together? I love pulling colors from places like wallpaper, rugs, and decor. This is an easy way to make your room seem intentional. Choosing accent colors intentionally and using them as pops around the room will give you a more sophisticated look while also showing off your style! When you're shopping for paint colors, bring things like samples of your wallpaper or rug to make sure you can be exact with the color you choose. 

We'd love to see what color you went with, and more importantly, how great it went with the rest of your space! Tag us in photos on Instagram and Facebook @MegMade and we'll show off your fabulous work! 

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