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Pinch me, seriously! If you know only one thing about me, you probably know that I love good wallpaper, and the fact that we now have our MegMade line - seriously, it's an absolute dream. Wallpaper is just one of those decor elements that can truly transform a space - bring it back in time, bring it to the future, or even change the aesthetics, the moods, the overall vibe of the room. It's something that's brought from the past and placed perfectly in the present. It brings me so much joy, and to have designed a few styles, and now offering them all to you - my heart just feels so happy! Here's our first four styles & colors! 


You know when you go shopping, and things just look so much better on you than they do on the hanger - say hello to Take the Edge Off! This is one of my absolute favorite designs I've created because it brings a timeless feeling to the space and it seriously could be incorporated into any time period, design, and aesthetic! The different colors give a pop of color, but without overdoing it! It's just enough to bring some sweetness to the space, while also bringing some edge!

Available in Green, Navy, and Yellow - grab it here! 


This one is definitely one for the books! With a little bit of edginess, a lot of boldness, and neutrals to tone it all down - On the Prowl is the perfect wallpaper to spice up the space, and give it something extra, that's different and unique!

Available in Midnight and Cream - grab it here!


I want to say this one is my favorite, but they are all my favorites because they all bring something different to the table! This one is all about growth, and all about movement! The paint-stroke feeling in the flowers brings a natural and easy-feeling to the space, paired with some natural colors, and beautiful tones!

Available in Midnight and Cream - grab it here! 


This one was designed with my boys in mind. When moving into our new home, the boys wanted to have camouflage walls! I didn't want to go full-on camouflage, so I designed this pattern that mimics the reflection of pattern that is the same idea as camo, but this is versatile, can be used in any space, and definitely has a more of an elegant and mature look than your typical camo! 

Available in Gray, Blush and Navy with Yellow - grab it here!

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