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We all know I love color - but that doesn't mean I leave out neutrals! You usually hear of ways to add more color to your home design, but when used purposefully, white can be one of the most useful colors in your decor toolbox. Using white in bigger spaces like the living room and kitchen is a great way to open up the space, especially because they are usually the biggest and most-used rooms in the house. 

Here are some of my tips and tricks for intentionally incorporating white into your space: 

Create Negative Space

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Every time we enter a new space, our brain processes the entire room as a whole. It isn't until we are able to categorize each element that we're able to think about the overall aesthetic of a space. Using elements of white give your eyes a resting point from an otherwise bold and entertaining space, which creates an overall more positive . As much as I love bold pops of color, it's important to create negative space in order to not overwhelm your eyes. This can be done through white furniture, minimalistic art, or even a blank wall. 

Layer It 

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If your room is lacking personality or warmth, consider layering whites to create some depth to your space. Using different tints and tones of white in the same space is a great way to create a layered look. Add a variety of whites throughout different parts of the room to make it more cohesive. With any color, I think it's always better to go slightly different with your tones to avoid making your space look choppy and two-dimensional. I would add a mixture of whites, warm whites, grays, warm grays, etc. to achieve the layered look. 

Texturize It

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Just because it's a neutral, doesn't mean it can't be fun! I love incorporating textures on my white decor to give it its own fun flair. When designing a room, I always say to add color, contrast, and texture. Try to mix and match how you incorporate the three throughout your space. Adding texture to the whites in your room is a great way to open up your space and bring some life to it at the same time. 

Ground Your Space 

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When using a pop of color, it's always a good idea to ground your space with a neutral. White is the perfect neutral to balance your fun colors while also creating a light and airy feel. Whites transition colors and create cohesiveness between bold patterns.  

Add Decor 


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If you're going for a moody look, white walls and furniture probably won't be the way to go. However, it will balance out the space to use some white in your decor. Add it in your artwork, some vases, or a coffee table book to lighten up your space in an otherwise dark room. 

Paint Your Floors

Source: Lobster and Swan Blog

I'm all about DIYing your space, and painting your wood floors white can transform your room into exactly what you're looking for. Painting your floors white will instantly change the mood and create an illusion of a more open space. If you're going with white floors, I would suggest darker walls or utilizing other ways to create contrast. If you DIY your floors, send us a photo and show us how it turned out! It's such a great way to revamp a space without breaking the bank. 

Stark White Isn't Always Right

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When you're looking for a white neutral, stark white isn't always the way to go. Instead of using bright whites, consider off-white cream colors to help soothe your space. Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee is my go-to because its brown undertones pair nicely with the color palette I usually gravitate towards when designing homes. It doesn't turn yellow when taking on colors throughout your space, which is something you need to be careful of when choosing an off-white!

Now that you've learned some of my tips and tricks to use white, go create a room like no other! We'd love to see how you used white to create an amazing space. Tag us in photos on Instagram or Facebook @Megmade, and we'll feature you on our stories!


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