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Here at MegMade, our team is like family to us. We're a small but mighty team! Joe and I want you guys to know them like we know them - because working with them is an extension of working with us! Meet Heather: Our Design Assistant!!

Heather was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana and studied interior design at Purdue University. While at Purdue, Heather was on the all-girl cheer team where she was a part of Purdue Cheerleading's first ever national championship team! She also cheered for the US National Team. All that to be said, yes, she can do a backflip (Yes, I asked her that on her first day). 

Heather knew from her first time working in the city that she wanted to eventually come back to Chicago. She has previously worked for Kara Mann in the city and Restoration Hardware at their Indianapolis location. "I've worked in remodeling, new construction as well as fully furnishing. I did design for RH where I fully designed homes from head to toe, but I've always known that Chicago was where I wanted to end up. I love the big city feel!"

Since starting at MegMade, she has moved apartments and is working on putting her new space together. "As a designer, my space is never finished! I'm planning on adding our Seattle Restrained Geometric Area Rug to my space. I love the idea of taking a shape we are familiar with and playing with the scale and proportion. I'm also going to add our Ophelia swivels to the ends of my dining table in a fun, yellow color!

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Her biggest piece of design advise? Do what makes YOU happy in your space! "We spend 90% of our time indoors, you might as well make it a place where you feel most comfortable, energized, calm, etc. No one else can tell you what's right or wrong for you. Play with pattern, add fun colors and make it a place that really showcases your personality!"
Heather thrives off of designs that tell a story. She "finds the gold" through looking for people, places, or things she feels invokes feeling. Her personality has always been super creative. Whether it's in home design or fashion, Heather loves playing with pattern and fun colors to mix up styles! "I think fashion truly dictates what's happening in design and have always loved the unique and fresh ideas designers come up with rather than getting stuck inside of a mold or doing what everyone else is doing. Life's too short to be like everyone else."
We love Heather!! Watch out for her designs on our socials and keep an eye out for her on our stories! Want her to help you design your next project? Click HERE to look at the interior design packages we offer! 

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