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When they’re not at MegMade painting a piece of furniture or redesigning a home, you’ll see Meg and Joe Piercy taking on DIY projects around their house, taking care of their three boys, or traveling to a new place to enjoy the weekend with their family. This down to earth mom and dad duo are always up for a nice night home with their boys, but when it comes to providing for their family, following their dreams, and growing MegMade - they are unstoppable. 

How did Joe and Meg meet? It all started with a blind date. “I knew I was going to marry this guy the second I met him,” Meg says, and if that’s not enough to make you believe in the magic these two can create, then I don’t know what is. Joe and Meg were engaged just six short weeks after meeting. 

"Joe and I grew MegMade with a lot of love and passion, but the whole thing started with a need we had as new parents. When our baby boy was born, we were broke as a joke, but no matter the circumstance, we needed a changing table. We found a vintage dresser in our alley - yes in the ALLEY -  and we took the opportunity to repurpose it and create a changing table. To say the rest was history is an understatement because that moment lit a fire inside us that is still burning strong." 

Meg and Joe started by painting furniture in their basement to sell on Craigslist until they came across one customer who insisted they turn their talent into a business. 

“When we would meet with any customer Joe would always say Meg made that, Meg made this, that one day a customer said to both of us - you say ‘Meg made’ a lot, why don’t you just name this all MegMade? And that’s exactly what we did.”  After speaking with that customer, the following week they signed a lease on an 800 sq. ft. warehouse, and today - they have a storefront located in their residence of Chicago. MegMade has grown from its humble beginnings into a national business that not only brings joy to its customers but is a community as well. 

“Not only do we paint antique pieces, but we’ve grown into offering all types of finished and customizable furniture, home decor and interior design options as well,” making MegMade a one-stop-shop in redesigning and fully furnishing your home. 

MegMade’s tagline, A HOME LIKE NO OTHER is not just a statement, but the driving force behind all that they do. With their wide range of customizable options, MegMade guarantees to make your furniture + home decor unique to match your style and personality, and because each home is unique to the family that lives there, they believe that you should have a home that is completely designed for you.  

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