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We have a lot of new people around MegMade, but I think it's time for you to get to know us! Sometimes we just get caught up in sharing all the new things going on at our store, and sharing the growth of our business, because we love to share that with all of you. But I started to think, what do you guys actually know about us? So for that, I want to share our story with all of you. Meet Meg & Joe! 


Born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, and graduate of the University of Kansas, Meg Piercy has mid-western roots but always dreamed of living in a big city. After she graduated with a degree in Journalism and Strategic Communications, Meg left her hometown and moved to Chicago Illinois, looking for the excitement in life that only a big city can bring - little did she know that she would surely build new roots that would last a lifetime. 
Meg works with passion and hopes that her customers will see that. With all the hustle and bustle that takes place behind the scenes at MegMade, her absolute favorite part is to see the “after” of her refinished pieces, because that’s where you can truly see and appreciate all that the piece has to offer. 
With MegMade’s fresh twist on traditional, one-of-a-kind, clean finish staple look, you wouldn’t be surprised that outside of MegMade, Meg likes to take on DIY projects, and “Girl Up” as she calls it, with some much-needed self-care! But she also gets dirty sometimes playing sports with her kiddos, because more than anything, she enjoys her kids and being a momma.
“I am the founder of MegMade, but I’m also a mom, an encourager, creative, scrappy, a hustler, easy-going, a people person, and down to Earth, and I only hope you can see this represented in my designs.” 



Born and raised in Champagne, Illinois and a graduate with an accounting degree from the University of Illinois, Joe Piercy has always been the life of the party in Illinois. As once said by his teacher, “ If you search the word Joy in the dictionary, you will see a picture of Joe,” and it’s true because Joe not only brings joy to his family but anyone he meets. A former homecoming king in high school, and still one of his proud moments, Joe, to this day, continuously shows his influence and leadership alongside Meg MegMade. 

A homebody at heart, when Joe isn’t at MegMade, he enjoys being up with his children, and as he simply put, “ Hanging out with Meg”. Although, Meg and Joe have a sweet spot for traveling, and whenever they get a chance, they like to explore and see new places. 

Joe only hopes for people to see how much love is put into each and every project at MegMade. He loves to “get his hands dirty” and being part of the reason a project comes to life. “I just love watching the whole process behind what we do, because although the after is amazing, there is so much hard work, love, and strategy that is put into each and every design.”

Joe is a family man and always has been. As the youngest sibling of three and growing up working next to his family in a family-owned shoe store, Joe knows the value of having a strong family foundation. Joe’s a dad first, and an entrepreneur second, and that’s the driving force behind what he does. 

As Meg said, “He’s always the cheerleader,” because Joe is always ready to get things done, he always brings a positive motivation like no other, and always has a half glass full mentality.  Joe is a family man and always has been. Joe’s a dad first, and an entrepreneur second, and that is and will always be the driving force behind what he does. 


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