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Hi y'all! I feel like it's been a minute since I sat down and just talked with you guys about what's been going on in our life and at the store!

This next week is about to change our lives forever. We FINALLY start filming next week for our show, and I'm so excited to give you guys updates as I'm allowed to. This process has been nothing like I've ever experienced, and I'm trying to take things as they come lately! As we're getting ready to start filming, we've been working hard to make sure everything is running smoothly at the store and MAN do we have an awesome team behind us. One of my biggest worries was being away from the store while we film full time, but the team we have has been so amazing in making sure things can run smoothly while we're away. Next week we're starting the filming process for six of the houses that will be on the show. If I'm being honest, it has been a ton of work - mostly work that I haven't been able to see coming. Lots of late nights, what seems like hundreds of calls a day, etc., but with that has also come lot's of Joe's puns after a tough day, lots of high fives when we finally find a couch with a good lead time, and overall so many more positives than negatives. 

Life outside of MegMade has been just as crazy! My nephew just got done playing in March Madness, and we were so grateful that we got to see him play in Indy. He's so fun to watch and such an amazing man on and off the court. The boys have been awesome - they're growing up so fast and I love watching their personalities grow. With Joe and I being so busy with filming and the show, I've been feeling a lot of mom guilt being away so much, so I've been really trying to savor every moment I have with them. Still working on how to balance it, but I know so many moms go through the same thing. My mom and dad ended up moving up here from Kansas City at the end of last year to be alongside us during this journey. The boys love all their ice cream dates with Mimi, and it's been so nice having them right down the road. It's been such a weird feeling - I haven't lived near my parents since 14 years ago when I moved to Chicago! The boys love them so much and are so excited they get to see them everyday. They love our new neighborhood and the friends they've made in school. Thankfully, they've been doing school in-person since the beginning of the school year, which has really helped them adjust to the move that we made back at the end of the summer.

Speaking of the move, the house is slowly but surely coming together! Right now we're working on our basement guest bedrooms and bathroom - I can't wait to show y'all the full reveal. We still have a few rooms that are completely finished that we're ready to show you, we just have to get all the details together so you can shop all the products! Everyone is always so surprised with how much we've already done to the house, but I always joke that Joe and I can't sit still - once we're done with one project we're on to the next!

Other than that, life has been a blessing. I know I've probably said this a million times, but Joe and I are just so grateful to have such amazing people behind us ready to come along for the ride we're about to embark on. There are going to be a ton of challenges and obstacles along the way, but there will be even more opportunities for growth, laughs and amazing things to come along the way too. I'm just excited to be present and share it with you all! 


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